Memoirs Of A Broken Man

Futures End

Even though I am not a fan of the specific sound, I just couldn't help […]
By Yiannis Dafopoulos
November 26, 2009
Futures End - Memoirs Of A Broken Man album cover

Even though I am not a fan of the specific sound, I just couldn't help it when I saw the band's line up. There is nothing Steve Di Giorgio has done and I don't like it, I love every single note this guy plays! His new... Wait, I am not being fair. This is not Steve Di Giorgio, this is actually a band/project comprised of known and talented musicians that have left their own mark on the Metal scene. You really don't know these guys?

I will start by mentioning the man that takes the band's music and lifts it up to the sky, Fred Marshall. Remember A Fragile Mind? Yes, he was the man behind the microphone in that magical ZERO HOUR album. Of course he is not alone, since in FUTURES END he is backed up by the frenzy twin Steve Di Giorgio and John Allen who have already kicked ass with SADUS together and have played with acts like TESTAMENT, DEATH and CONTROL DENIED to name a few. Is that enough? Probably not since shredders Marc Pattison and Christian David Wentz deliver heavenly melodies their own style.

I sound kind of excited, huh? You still haven't listened to the album, that's why it seems weird to you. FUTURES END are not here to change the history of Metal music or something even close. FUTURES END are here to deliver high quality Progressive/Power Metal with incredible guitar work and melodies that will enchant your mind, soaring vocals and a rhythm section that really needs no comments. The great thing about these guys is that they have laid down their musical talent and experience after so many years in the scene, and have masterfully crafted an album that is able to restrict itself within some logical boundaries. What do I mean by this...

Such music as Progressive/Power Metal can easily fall into the trap of being tiring, meaninglessly technical and without having something actual to offer to the listener. As I said above, the members use their experience to restrict themselves and manage to spread their technique into catchy and melodic songs without making the listener get tired or bored throughout the listening session. The rhythm section is really technical and builds a wall where the guitar twin is based, but the structure sounds really solid, believe me.

All in all, FUTURES END seem to have released a debut album worthy of its members' history. Even though some may think that this is just one more shitty all star project, FUTURES END clear any doubts from the very first seconds of Memoirs Of A Broken Man. My only objection is the IRON MAIDEN cover. I don't think it was necessary and it is definitely not one of the best covers I have ever heard.

8 / 10


"Memoirs Of A Broken Man" Track-listing:

Relentless Chaos
Inner Self
Endless Journey
Your Decay
Beyond Despair
Share The Blame
Stand To Fall
Terrors Of War
Remembering Tomorrow
Powerslave (IRON MAIDEN Cover)

Futures End Lineup:

Fred Marshall - Vocals
Marc Pattison - Guitar
Christian David Wentz - Guitar
Steve Di Giorgio - Bass
John Allen - Drums

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