Concrete Jungle

Fusion Bomb

There is beautiful satisfaction in finding an album which is not only good but lives […]
By Kevin Burke
February 18, 2019
Fusion Bomb - Concrete Jungle album cover

There is beautiful satisfaction in finding an album which is not only good but lives up to the bands name-FUSION BOMB.  Their latest and dare I say debut-release "Concrete Jungle" is perhaps one of the finest albums released so far this year that rocks as hard as anything that may have influenced its inception.  It is that word that might put people off-'debut', sometimes bands do not hit the right mark straight away, here though they are making waves in the right direction and are well worth investing in.

The four-piece, hailing from Luxembourg, are busy creating sparks from the energy they have packed into every square inch of this release.  It opens with a blast and sonic scream in "Zest Of Scorn", to start an album with such quality opens the door for expectations which are both high and as you find, will be full filled.

The title-track "Concrete Jungle" is a standout, it grooves sweetly with the bass high in the mix, in your face just as the vocals of Michel Nippel which are consistently brilliant throughout.  "You're A Cancer To This World" is a riot of energetic fun, riff after riff ignited with the trigger-happy drums filling every space with thunder.  There are very few debut albums which are so fully formed in the thrash genre like this since the early days of its humble beginnings.

"Blazing Heat" is powerful and immense, the consistency on this album is its most enduring quality, anyone who picks this up will do so more than once, it deserves repeated visits. "T.M.N.A" is all the elements which make this band so interesting, an almost punk-thrash-Metal delivery which clocks in just under the two-minute mark.  "Nyctophobia" fires strong and carries through to the last breath of numbers, the enjoyable "Slam Tornado" and the brilliant ending with its throbbing bass line "I Never Denied" bookends the album with the same raw-energy that started it.

There is nothing new or original here, but It is a damn fine release, it stacks up against the best of the competition, after enjoying it you know that this is both a recording and a band that will endure.  FUSION BOMB have something special, all we can do know is watch and wait for their next move, using "Concrete Jungle" as the compass direction in which they will go.  One thing is for certain the thrash-metal form of music has hope with the deliverance of long-players such as this.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Concrete Jungle" Track-listing:

1. Zest Of Scorn
2. Knuckleburger
3. Concrete Jungle
4. You're A Cancer To This World
5. Blazing Heat
7. Bird Of Prey
8. Nyctophobia
9. Slam Tornado
10. I Never Denied

Fusion Bomb Lineup:

Michel Nippel - Bass/Vocals
Miguel Texasranger - Guitar/Vocs
Luc Lanthaloid - Guitars
Scott Thrash - Drums

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