Dusk Of The Ages

Furor Gallico

The Italian Folk/Death Metal band FUROR GALLICO has released their latest album "Dusk of the […]
By Brian "Metal" Morton
February 3, 2019
Furor Gallico - Dusk Of The Ages album cover

The Italian Folk/Death Metal band FUROR GALLICO has released their latest album "Dusk of the Ages". This is their third full length album since their formation in 2007. I haven't really listened to much Folk Metal, but what I have heard on this album so far I really enjoy it. The first song up is "Passage To A New Life". It's mostly an instrumental until about two and a half minutes and it's really a beautiful song. The second song is "The Phoenix" and it is completely different from the previous song. With a mixture of Death Metal vocals performed by Davide and cleans sung by Gabriel and Davide, they truly bring out the best of the song. The Guitars are also a really beautiful addition played by Gabriel as well.

The next song on the album "Waterstrings" is just as amazing as the previous song, but it starts off with a more melodic sound that transitions into a bit of both Melodic and Death. I liked this song quite a bit. Nebbia Della Mia Terra is what I have become used to when I hear the genre name Folk Death Metal. The drums on this song played Mirko are absolutely fantastic as well as the bass played by Marco. I also really appreciate the harp that is played by Becky.

"Canto D'Inverno" is purely a Folk Metal track and it is fantastic. The entire band did a really great job piecing this song together and it's a wonderful break from the heavier stuff. "Starpath" starts and out of nowhere we get some Black Metal vocals that really surprised me. This one is my favorite song so far, and I really enjoyed the mixture of the harm and guitar. "Aquane" is the longest song on the album at almost eight minutes long. This song is absolutely epic, the way it transfers from a melancholic slower paced song to heavier metal seamlessly is amazing.

"The Sound of Infinity" is a great instrumental that helps ease from the previous song into the next. I highly recommend this one. "Dusk of the Ages" starts off and sounds like something you would hear in a more bad ass version of the movie Braveheart. I really enjoyed this one from the start to finish and it's a great way to lead into the finale. "Annwn" is the final song but the second longest on the album. I have to retract my previous statement about my favorite song, because this one is hands down my favorite and best song on the album. All in all this album was pretty damn good and I wouldn't mind hearing some of their earlier music.

8 / 10









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"Dusk Of The Ages" Track-listing:

1. Passage To A New Life
2. The Phoenix
3. Waterstrings
4. Nebbia Della Mia Terra
5. Canto D'Inverno
6. Starpath
7. Aquane
8. The Sound of Infinity
9. Dusk of the Ages
10. The Gates of Annwn

Furor Gallico Lineup:

Davide - Vocals
Gabriel - Guitar/Vocals
Marco - Bass
Mirko - Drums
Becky - Celtic Harp

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