Arcane Mysteries

Funeral Storm

FUNERAL STORM was originally born as RAVEN THRONE in 20011, a one-man project of one […]
June 10, 2019
Funeral Storm - Arcane Mysteries album cover

FUNERAL STORM was originally born as RAVEN THRONE in 20011, a one-man project of one Wampyrion Markhor Necrowolf.  After settling on the current band name because of legal reasons, it wasn't until 2012 that the band issued its first release, the "Inverted God" split.  Now, in 2019, FUNERAL STORM have issued their first full-length, "Arcane Mysteries," a testament to Greek Black Metal, exploring that which influenced them and spurred them on in their career.

The album begins with the intro, "Invocation of the Great Red Dragon".  A heavily atmospheric track based upon a symphonically orchestral feel created by keyboards, it is a fitting way to initiate the proceedings.  Following closely is "Ego Sum Filius Draconis".  Bearing the trademark Hellenic Black Metal tone, the song is based around a haunting melody that is bounced between palm-muted sections and more straight-forward exercises.  Despite the changes and obligatory blasting, the song never abandons the intoxicating melody from which it was framed.

What drives FUNERAL STORM and makes the songs the most memorable is dynamics.  These are demonstrated in myriad ways.  For example, a proper display of this is in the separation of guitar tracks.  By having the rhythm track be mostly straight-forward and distorted, the eerie chill of the lead guitar is accentuated.  The lead is distinguished with the use of ample amounts of reverb and chorus which gives it that distinct, otherworldly vibe which just oozes with atmosphere.  An excellent example of this concept in use is the third track, "Martyr of the Lake," a plodding, exciting Black Metal composition that conveys a dreamy state.  Anthemic keyboards backing up the chord progressions amplify the proceedings thickening them up profoundly.

"Wandering Through the Abyss," the fourth track, is an extended instrumental.  It keeps the vibe going steadily along with its embellishing bells resounding over dramatically-performed strings.  A trickling, fading percussive part adds a horror vibe echoing the sounds of late 1970s and early 1980s horror films like Halloween and Friday the 13th.  This is the perfect set up for the fifth track, "Necromancer".  The main riff is one of the most impressive on the album as it has a classic Metal feel.  When the lead guitar and keyboards join in, the full power of FUNERAL STORM is realized.

This is undoubtedly classic, unrelenting Greek Black metal!  The dates are blurred as one is pulled into a different time with intoxicatingly hypnotic, majestic melodies.  Through keeping riffs distinguishable, adding haunting leads and keyboards, the music is meticulously built to supreme grandeur.

7 / 10









"Arcane Mysteries" Track-listing:

1. Invocation of the Great Red Dragon (Intro)
2. Ego Sum Filius Draconis
3. Martyr of the Lake
4. Wandering Through the Abyss
5. The Necromancer
6. The Necromancer (Pt. II)
7. Funeral Storm
8. The Origin of Utter Evil
9. From the Great Deep of the Primordial Waters of Creation (Outro)
10. Flowers of my Youth (VARATHRON cover)

Funeral Storm Lineup:

Wampyrion - Bass, Drum Programming, Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Necroabyssious - Vocals
Arcania LVI - Guitars, Keyboards

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