Within The Grasp Of Titans

Full Blown Chaos

At last! It was about time! I think that I deserved a Hardcore review after […]
By Yiannis Dafopoulos
December 16, 2006
Full Blown Chaos - Within The Grasp Of Titans album cover

At last! It was about time! I think that I deserved a Hardcore review after what I have reviewed recently. After symphonic Power Metal shit, Doom Metal losers and generally shitty stuff, it is time for pure Hardcore! And it is not any band; it is the well-known FULL BLOWN CHAOS! Thank you God for this gift! After the Metalcore shit I have reviewed, I think that you have forgiven me!
Hardcore outfit FULL BLOWN CHAOS was formed in 1997 by Mike and Jeff. After releasing one EP and a full-length album through Stillborn Records and having already shared the stage with bands like SLIPKNOT, SEPULTURA, HATEBREED, CHIMAIRA and GOD FORBID, you can understand that we are talking about a band that has achieved many things!
FULL BLOWN CHAOS delivers one more Hardcore masterpiece! Despite their relatively small history and only one full-length release, they have already achieved to create a more than decent name! Let's not forget that they used to belong to Stillborn (Jasta's record label) and this fact has definitely helped them a lot. Does the fact that they have toured with HATEBREED say something to you? It surely does to me! Anyway, Within The Grasp Of Titans is an album that will satisfy every Hardcore fan out there! Great compositions that resemble to bands like HATEBREED (third time I mention this band!), SWORN ENEMY and TERROR. As you can understand yourselves, the thirteen songs that are contained in this album are catchy as hell and some of them contain some Thrash touches, which make the result a bit more interesting. The production is very good, something that adds a lot of heaviness to Within The Grasp Of Titans.
Every single one who knows this band knows that he/she can expect an at least decent album. I have said all I had to say. There is nothing more I have to add. Just try to listen to it and I think that you won't get disappointed at all.

8 / 10


"Within The Grasp Of Titans" Track-listing:

Trials Of Triumph
Chopping Block
Burning Age
Solemn Promise
Anchored Heart
Rise & Fight
Suffer In Silence
Life Of Sorrow
Against The Grain
Kingdom Undone
The Voorhees Complex

Full Blown Chaos Lineup:

Ray Mazzola - Vocals
Mike Facci - Guitar
Mike Ruehle - Bass
Jeff Facci - Drums

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