Tropical Sun


Based off of Zombi 2, an Italian sequel to Dawn of the Dead, of which […]
By Liam Easley
June 6, 2019
Fulci - Tropical Sun album cover

Based off of Zombi 2, an Italian sequel to Dawn of the Dead, of which Lucio Fulci directed both , comes "Tropical Sun", the second album from Italy's FULCI. With slams similar to those of the New York heavy-hitters INTERNAL BLEEDING, this band packs a punch within the 33 minutes of this album's run-time. The tone of the album is very interesting. A lot of the tracks have clips from the original 1979 film that the album is based off of, most of which are based on voodoo, witch doctoring and zombies. These sound clips add to the atmosphere of the album, and the 1980s slasher-like synth-wave of the intro and outro give it an even more sinister yet old-school touch.

"Matul Tribal Cult" makes great use of its intro. Although this is one of the shorter songs, clocking in at around one minute of actual music, the intro is perfectly integrated into the slam that lasts the entirety of the musical portion if the song. The transition is smooth, and the result is impressive. As for actual music, this album has some decent material to offer. The first track, "Tropical Sun," is a highlight, having a nice array of slam riffs and nice execution. As far as riffs go on this album, none of them are original, but they are all executed nicely, making them sound as if they were original. A lot of the music, especially on songs like the title track and "Church of the Undead" is reminiscent of newer INTERNAL BLEEDING or the groovy parts to a DYING FETUS song.

"Genetic Zombification" is another track with great instrumentation, with riffs that are memorable and slams that are nice and brutal. The song goes at a slower tempo at times, but it speeds up when it needs to, and the final result is very pummeling. This would not have been achieved without the full-sounding production. Without the proper production, this album would not have had the same impact as it currently does, and the current sound is very strong. Each slam hits just right, and the riffs are all crisp and thorough. The bass is even audible.

FULCI have a nice record that any fan of old-school horror and New York-styled Slam with modern production would like. As a fan of both of those, I found this album to be very entertaining.

8 / 10









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"Tropical Sun" Track-listing:

1. Voodoo Gore Ritual
2. Tropical Sun
3. Apocalypse Zombie
4. Splatter Fatality
5. Matul Tribal Cult
6. Legion of the Resurrected
7. Pals by the Cemetery
8. Witch Doctor
9. Genetic Zombification
10. Eye Full of Maggots
11. Church of the Undead
12. Blue Inferno
13. Immortality Virus
14. March of the Living Dead

Fulci Lineup:

Klem - Bass
Dome - Guitars
Flore - Vocals

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