Frozen Land

Frozen Land

FROZEN LAND hails from one of the planet's stronghold of symphonic metal, Finland. What's originally […]
By John Paul Romero
October 22, 2018
Frozen Land - Frozen Land album cover

FROZEN LAND hails from one of the planet's stronghold of symphonic metal, Finland. What's originally supposed to be guitarist Tuomas Hirvonen's solo project turned completely into a band including their Italian singer Tony Meloni whom they discovered in YouTube. The goal of the album is to bring back the 90's golden age of Finnish power metal with huge emphasis on melodies and big epic sounds. That sound is exactly what you get with the first and foremost song "Loser's Game". The melodies are huge right from the intro into the riffs. The sound is simply ruthless in opening the album and the song itself. It has an epic chorus with the usual ultra-high notes of power metal. It also has a short but very eventful solo full of cold and speedy melodies - all of that compressed in four and a half minutes making the song a sure face buster.

Big melodies and id-paced tempo is the game in the song "The Fall". The main guitar and keyboard's main riff makes the overall beauty of the song. The singing also is delivered with ease and calmness making this one a song for fans to sing along with. Frozen Land adds a bit of shade of darkness in the song "Underworld" which has very notable DIO influences in it. It has clear traces of DIO's "Holy Diver" with its mid - paced attack, catchy tunes and as I said, its dark shades musically and lyrically. The solo utilizes a classic sound of chuggy riffs and melodic high-pitch notes. "Orgy of Enlightenment" is catchy for its somewhat weird title. However, the content of this song is just as catchy as its title, which is another track which is slower than the other tracks like the in-your-face delivery of "The Rising". The delays in between verses make up the thrill in the song.

Just before the conclusion of the album comes the power ballad "I Would". The song is full of emotions which is given more emphasis with the power of the keyboards. In this song, Tony Meloni's overall singing prowess is showcased, proving that he is not limited to aggressive power metal hymns but can also go mellow with such great character and emotion. This song made it so clear why they chose him to sing for the band when they discovered him on Youtube. The short guitar solo only added to the powerful emotions present in the song, which made it extra epic and a sure favorite. Such excellent performance from this band is no surprise at all, given their fertile ground of metal in Finland. I can say that the expectation on them being a Finnish symphonic metal act is very high, and they successfully backed it up with this masterful performance on their debut effort. I must say, they are another must-check band from Finland.

8 / 10









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"Frozen Land" Track-listing:

1. Loser's Game
2. Delusions of Grandeur
3. The Fall
4. Underworld (Manala)
5. The Rising
6. Unsung Heroes
7. Orgy of Enlightenment
8. Mask of the Youth
9. I Would
10. Angels Crying (E-Type Cover)

Frozen Land Lineup:

Tony Meloni - Vocals
Tuomas Hirvonen - Guitars
Aki Kuokkanen - Drums
Lauri Muttilainen - Keyboards
Juhana Heinonen - Bass

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