From The Hellmouth

From The Hellmouth

I  am not the best person to talk about Death Metal with the expertise of […]
By Camila Guimarães de Almeida
November 3, 2015
From The Hellmouth - From The Hellmouth album cover

I  am not the best person to talk about Death Metal with the expertise of a true fan of the style. I confess to having been apprehensive when I realized that one of the bands that I would be review an EP for was a Death Metal Band. From the cover art to the fifth and last song of the EP, there were many surprises. Especially for  me with attempting to identify with the sound of this American duo. The first work of a band always has strong roots in their backgrounds, and tries to translate the power and passion that promises to perpetuate the band (or not).

In the case of FROM THE HELLMOUTH the first track "God Told Me To" begins with a special effect sounds lasting for several seconds, and then starts with a killer guitar and drum duo, and grotesque and aggressive vocals. All this merging with grim, and some ripped up vocal lines. I always like to label Death Metal bands as excellent musicians with an absurd technique. It is not easy to bring together melody and aggression of a fierce vocals all on one song. That's what I consider a challenge...

With "To Infest the Mind" in one second of music already beginning to shake and try to growl as much as Mr. Noah "The Impaler" in this song the speed decreases bringing some effects which gives a more gloomy air, this song I see it It fits perfectly as the soundtrack of a horror film, bringing suspense and fear for any scene that makes everyone pay attention on this band..

In "Eat The Blade" the band are already beginning to develop killer vocals and drums, but also blending the gloomy sounds of the guitar riffs from the previous song. This is worth highlighting the nuances of the vocals in this song as they explore all its aggression and serious tone.

In "Carved From The Flesh Of God" we have a blend of Heavy Metal elements, with the brutality of death metal growls in lower tones accompanied by a drumbeat, and more rhythmic guitar lines, which brings even vocal passages more "spoken" giving a differential and "surprise element" to the band that fit perfectly.

The "Grand Finale" of the band with "We Rise" definitely puts them in a very comfortable position for a beginner band on the scene putting out its first published work. Aggression and power come together to merge elements that are beyond the traditional, typical Death Metal realm. It makes me pay more attention to style from now on to things as important as the FROM THE HELLMOUTH did not escape more ...<

10 / 10


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"From The Hellmouth" Track-listing:

1. God Told Me To
2. To Infest The Mind
3. Eat The Blade
4. Carved From The Flesh Of God
5. We Rise

From The Hellmouth Lineup:

Noah Buchanan - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, & Programming
Alan Cassidy - Drums

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