Friends of Hell

Friends of Hell

Last month FRIENDS OF HELL released their violent, doomy debut self-titled album that is heavily […]
May 5, 2022
Friends of Hell - Friends of Hell album cover

Last month FRIENDS OF HELL released their violent, doomy debut self-titled album that is heavily influenced by 70s horror films, Satanism, death, and torture, according to the band's drummer Tas. Of course, with a name like theirs, listeners should expect something seriously dark and demented. The horror aspect really becomes clear with the second song "Shadow of the Impaler," which begins with a high-pitched, unnerving scream as if a woman is being attacked and then leads into a heavy riff. The music definitely sounds like something that belongs in a horror film. Vocalist Albert Witchfinder even has the voice of a creepy cult leader. It's in his tone and the way he enunciates. The next song "Into My Coffin" echoes this sentiment as Witchfinder beckons someone to come inside his coffin, creating a creepy, catchy chorus.

Jondix has some pretty good guitar solos throughout the album. I especially like the one about halfway through "Evil They Call Us." I also found the guitar work in "Belial's Bell" to be really catchy. In fact, the whole song is quite catchy, especially the chorus. I really liked the melody of it. The end of the song ends amazingly with a very creepy music box-type tune playing. That is how you add spice to a horror song. I thought Witchfinder's best vocal work could be heard on the song "Orion's Beast." I feel like he had the most power behind his voice in that one and it really seemed to ring out vibrantly. He tends to use the same singing style throughout the album with very few exceptions. I would have liked to hear a little more variety.

They end the album with a mysterious and slow burn type riff in the song "Wallachia." It's purposefully draggy and just kind of lopes along. At the end of it, however, there's some speedy drum work and a chaotic guitar solo. Overall, the album feels a bit gimmicky and repetitive, it starts to feel like it drags after a few songs and it all starts to sound the same for the most part.

5 / 10









"Friends of Hell" Track-listing:

1. Out With the Wolves
2. Shadow of the Impaler
3. Into My Coffin
4. Friends of Hell
5. Evil They Call Us
6. Gateless Gate
7. Orion's Beast
8. Belial's Bell
9. Wallachia

Friends of Hell Lineup:

Taneli Jarva - Bass
Tas - Drums
Albert Witchfinder - Vocals
Jondix - Guitar

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