True Bearings


The NWOBHM generation, however, will really be able to melt into what FREEWAYS is offering on “True Bearings”.
February 1, 2024

FREEWAYS is a Canadian NWOTHM band from Brampton, Ontario. Theye were formed in 2014. In 2017 they made an EP called “Cold Front” that gave the audience an inkling of what to expect. In April 2020 “True Bearings” was released by TEMPLE OF MYSTERY RECORDS. Now, just over three years later, it is being rereleased by DYING VICTIMS PRODUCTIONS. The main question to ask ourselves is if this version is justified or not. The band themselves call it a repress, so my gut is telling me that the first pressing is completely sold out.

Well, as far as this review goes, I can detect that no extra songs have been added, which means you will find the same seven tunes on both versions. As I haven’t heard the 2020 original version I can’t comment on fact if the sound has been improved or left the same. I can only say that the production on “True Bearings” is such that it reminds me even more of the more melodic NWOBHM bands like PRAYING MANTIS and DEF LEPPARD than any other bands.

And to cut to the chase; I like it! The songs themselves don’t disappoint. They have groove, drive and enthusiasm, and are well framed within certain boundaries. What they do lack though is explosiveness, aggression and spontaneity. They are as solid as a (Heavy) Rock, but there is no real adventure to speak of. Does this make “True Bearings” a lesser record? Not for me it doesn’t, but I am of the age that I was listening when those early NWOBHM came along, and this would have been all those interesting things in the early eighties. So, It does fit into the kind of music that FREEWAYS plays.

What I do feel is that “True Bearings” is something that will not attract the younger audience, unless they are Metallic dinosaurs at heart. The NWOBHM generation, however, will really be able to melt into what FREEWAYS is offering on “True Bearings”. I am just wondering what is going to happen next, as I was expecting the band to be ready to give us their sophomore album. We can only hope that this will prove enough of an incentive to give us listeners a new bone in the form of new music. I am very much looking forward to that one, as I would like to be able to say if they have progressed or not.

7 / 10









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"True Bearings " Track-listing:


1.Eternal Light, Eternal Night 05:02
2.Sorrow (Love In Vain) 03:47
3.True Bearings 03:53
4.Dead Air 05:42
5.Battered & Bruised 04:18
6.Time Is No Excuse 06:49
7.Just Survival 03:49   


Freeways Lineup:


Domenic Innocente – guitars
Jacob Montgromery – guitars, vocals
Sebastian Alcamo – drums
Amar Amrith – bass


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