The Stand


It's interesting how we brand countries based on some sub genres of Metal just because […]
By V. Srikar
May 21, 2015
Freedomination - The Stand album cover

It's interesting how we brand countries based on some sub genres of Metal just because of a few big bands from that country, like Death Metal from Sweden or Black Metal from Norway, Finland seems to slowly get their back of these stereotypes by bringing out quality new material from the new age bands. Blasting traditional Heavy Metal FREEDOMINATION released their 2nd EP "The Stand" this January 14 and tries to make another attempt to break these stereotypes.

With just 3 songs on offer here, it's easy on the ears as the EP starts with the 7:30 min clocking title track "The Stand". The song starts off with an intriguing solo before the all instruments make their presence felt. The first impression is this is the good old Melodic Heavy Metal many modern bands have come to embrace. With subtle lyrics and clean vocals, the listener is treated to some great music which brings the sweet spot between Heavy and melodic stuff. It's not too often that you come across the backing vocals being of higher pitch and surprisingly it works beautifully here for FREEDOMINATION. The first time I even heard the band name, I had a faint idea of what to expect musically and lyrically, and the band simply puts that into their notes. The songs are full of liberation and freedom after fighting and celebrating the bravery. It's almost like every song by the boys is like an anthem in itself. The songs are catchy and easy on the ears and are sure to be a treat for old school connoisseurs as the songs are full of exquisite fast paced riffs like in "Unleash Hell" and are sure to get repeat plays like they did for me. The EP ends with a tempo building song as riffs chug instigating me to headbang along, and moves along to melodies and sharp guitar riffs consequently.

It's the modern Heavy Metal style that I have grown up listening to in the last half a decade, and the EP has enough to please listeners who appreciate melody along with the heavy parts. Just under 19 min, the Finns show great promise with their 2nd EP, but I think it's time for them to start writing their first full length.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

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"The Stand" Track-listing:

1. The Stand
2. Unleash Hell
3. Tower of Power

Freedomination Lineup:

Timo Ahlstrom - Vocals/Guitars
Mikko Turunen - Guitars
Otto Luotonen - Bass/Backing Vocals
Jukka Ahlstrom - Drums

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