Free From Sin

Free From Sin

FREE FROM SIN is the new album from highly experienced musicians Per Englund (BLACKSMITH, MOTHERLODE) […]
By Dan Mailer
October 11, 2015
Free From Sin - Free From Sin album cover

FREE FROM SIN is the new album from highly experienced musicians Per Englund (BLACKSMITH, MOTHERLODE) and Patrik Lämborg (BLACKSMITH, SPIDER) and features a multitude of talented musicians making up the remainder of the band. Their new album has a great sound that blends classic DEEP PURPLE kinds of sounds with great modern metal elements.

A dark brooding passage featuring some spoken word builds atmosphere into exotic sounds and slamming introductory riffs on opener "Requiem" which moves right into second track "Evershine", a track with a lot of classic groove meeting modern technicality and speed, with some fantastic keyboard sections and some piercingly high vocals.

Title track "Free From Sin" is a bit different, opening with a hefty drum groove that leads into some really powerful slow riffage very reminiscent of some RAINBOW material in atmosphere but presenting a much heavier sound and attitude, with some fantastic vocals on display, and a great groove throughout.

"Believer" is one of my highlights from the album. The total (perfectly placed) contrast from the previous track gives this track a huge lift, with a supercharged Power Metal feel overall and some great energetic vocals (plus great layering!). This tracks features fantastic playing all around, in particular some tasteful yet powerful bass playing and drumming really tethering the whole track down.

FREE FROM FIN continue to deliver excellent slices of Hard Rock/ Power Metal from the hefty riffs of "Dreamstealer" with great Hammond organ driven riffs and "Stumbling Down A Wicked Road", which provides the sort of music not seen since the classic DEEP PURPLE DAYS with the legendary Ian Gillan, to tracks like "Masquerade" which really brings back the sounds of the first RAINBOW album with finesse.

"Temple Of Fear" is a great speed driven song with a great build up and a really tight overall sound that makes it another of my top tracks from this album. It's a fresh take on a classic style that keeps the listeners on their toes throughout.

The album closes up with the appropriately titled "La Grande Finale" opens in a suitably dramatic fashion. This song is a slow burner and has plenty of emotion on offer, with great guitar harmonies from the word go. This again brings back the atmosphere present in the opening track and really adds that final layer of drama to the album.

Overall this is a very strong album, and well worth a listen for fans of Hard Rock tinged with Power Metal. It would be great to see the band move on their next release and introduce more elements into their music.


9 / 10

Almost Perfect

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"Free From Sin" Track-listing:
  1. Requiem
  2. Evershine
  3. Free From Sin
  4. Believer
  5. Evil Or Divine
  6. Dreamstealer
  7. Stumbling Down A Wicked Road
  8. The Masquerade
  9. Temple Of Fear
  10. La Grande Finale
Free From Sin Lineup:

Per Englund- Vocals, Back Vocals
Staffan Stavert- Hammond Organ
Anders Waldermansson- Bass
Jaime Salazar- Drums
Patrik Lämborg- Guitars, Keyboards

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