Crypts Of Dissimulation


Ever experienced something where you get the best of everything you could possibly think of? […]
By Charlotte Whittingham
May 3, 2014
Fragarak - Crypts Of Dissimulation album cover

Ever experienced something where you get the best of everything you could possibly think of? Well Death Metal five-piece FRAGARAK's album "Crypts Of Dissimulation" does just that, it gives you all the best elements of several Metal genres.

Opening track "Savour The Defiance" puts the listener under a hypnotic spell with it's dark, sweeping majestic melodies. If you imagine some of the crucial sub genres such as Progressive, Black and Speed Metal all mashed into one then you will get the sound of the Indian Death Metal band that is FRAGARAK. It creates an original song that is different to what I have heard previously and it works tremendously well.

What I really liked about this album was the fact each track had so many different elements from all these sub genres of metal; the Progressive long duration times, the somber, soft moments from Black Metal and the high energy guitar riffs reminding me of Speed Metal. It made these tracks what they are; particularly my personal favourite track on the album "Effacing The Esotery".

The atmospheric instrumentals break up the album quite nicely when you want a break from the heavy distortion in the guitars and aggressive vocals. "Psalm Of Deliverance" provided the perfect opportunity for one last reflection on what the album consists before ending on a more than positive note.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

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"Crypts Of Dissimulation" Track-listing:

1. Savour The Defiance
2. Insurgence
3. Effacing The Esotery
4. Dissimulation:  An Overture
5. Cryptic Convulsion
6. Psalm Of Deliverance

Fragarak Lineup:

Supratim Sen - Vocals
Kartikeya Sinha - Bass
Arpit Pradhan - Guitars
Ruben Franklin - Guitars
Sagar Siddhanti - Drums

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