Musically, “Narkissos” is deeply root in Black Metal but swaggers into other styles such as Death, Folk, Melodic.
December 18, 2023

FORTĺD is a Black/Pagan Metal trio out of Iceland, though at times they have also called Norway their home. They’ve been around since 2002 when the band started off as a solo project of Eldur. With 21 years and seven full-length albums, they aren’t new to the scene but also not nearly as well-known as they should be. On October 13, 2023 they released “Narkissos” via Lupus Lounge. The nine-track, 53-minute album is another solid artifact from a band with a long history of exemplary dark offerings.

Thematically at first blush it seems like with “NarkissosFORTĺD steers away from their traditional Pagan themes. Eldur, however, says that while the title is taken from the Greek tradition and the theme certainly centers on ‘malignant narcissism,’ the material is based more on personal experiences.

Musically “Narkissos” remains consistent as ever, staying deeply rooted in Black Metal while brazenly swaggering into other styles such as Death, Folk, and Melodic without flinching. And they pull it off to great effect, proving that ultimately Metal is a fluid medium and subgenre categories and distinctions are meaningless except to marketers and gate keepers.

Lots of great tracks on this album, but my go-to are as follows:

  •  Vefurinn sem ég spin” (trans: the web I spin): because it’s mean, deliberate, and harsh, but it also has these massive breaks with baritone clean vocals that reach into your soul.     
  •   Uppskera” (trans: harvest): for its epic, lush soundscape. Hints of KING CRIMSON here, which I was totally not expecting.
  • Við dauðans dyr” (trans: at death’s door): the longest and maybe most complex track on the album. It pulls you every which way from visceral assault to unholy haunt to melodic Doom. Emotionally exhausting this one, but also probably the best track on the album. The perfect closer.
  • Tímans ör” (trans: time’s arrow): because there always has to be one ripper. Savage and unrelenting. Heaviest track of the lot.

In today’s sprawling necropolis of Extreme and Underground Metal, there are great bands hiding behind every tombstone just waiting to be discovered. If you’re new to FORTĺD, congratulations, you have stumbled upon on of the more formidable bands around. You won’t be disappointed. If you are a returning fan, well, this might be the best FORTĺD yet.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Narkissos" Track-listing:

1. Narkissos

2. Drottnari    

3. Vefurinn sem ég spinn

4. Uppskera

5. Þúsund þjáninga smiður    

6. Rotinn arfur

7. Illt skal með illu gjalda                   

8. Tímans ör

9. Við dauðans dyr


Fortíd Lineup:

Eldur – Vocals, guitars, keyboards

Kristján Guðmundsson – Drums

Kári Pálsson – Bass


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