Stämman Från Berget


FORNHEM is a Black Metal band from Norrköping, Östergötland, Sweden. "Stämman Från Berget" is the […]
By Alex Barnard
February 10, 2022
Fornhem - Stämman Från Berget album cover

FORNHEM is a Black Metal band from Norrköping, Östergötland, Sweden. "Stämman Från Berget" is the group's second full-length album, released by Trollmusic on November 5, 2021.

There's something very fitting about listening to Black Metal in winter. The raw sound, the icepick guitars, and the reverb-soaked vocals perfectly evoke the feeling of being trapped in a forest during a snowstorm and howling for help. And that's exactly what we have here; FORNHEM are "trve kvlt" Black Metal through and through. The riffs that Thuleman and Solbane trade sound like they could've easily belonged on an early MAYHEM demo or a DARKTHRONE record. Plus, whoever does the solos has a real IRON MAIDEN-esque flare, who, as many artists in the genre have stated, had a major impact on the genre. And finally, Vafthrudner's drumming is simplistic yet powerful, and his vocals are absolutely deadly.

Some of the moments that I especially liked on this LP include the solo on "Den Längsta Dagen," which, again, showcases some very obvious IRON MAIDEN influences; the harmonies during the intro of "Förlist," whose gravitas is only accented by the foreboding tom hits; and the title track, which is blisteringly fast and devastatingly heavy.

There's not much else I can really say about this album. It's very good Black Metal, and FORNHEM have shown a true appreciation for the greats within that genre. However, part of me does wish that the music did go someplace else. As my taste within the genre has become somewhat more refined, if you will (and I hope I'm not sounding pretentious here), I've come to enjoy bands that take on a more progressive approach to Black Metal, like KRALLICE, late period EMPEROR, and MGŁA. The group is only two albums into its career, so I can't really give them too much flack for not going on a more progressive route. But it might be something worth exploring on future releases. Either way, it was an enjoyable album, and fans of the style, like me, will enjoy it, too.

7 / 10









"Stämman Från Berget" Track-listing:

1. Den Längsta Dagen
2. Uþarba Spa
3. Förlist
4. Stämman från Berget
5. Untergang

Fornhem Lineup:

Vafthrudner - Drums, Vocals
Thuleman - Guitars
Solbane - Guitars, Bass

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