Rending The Veil Of Flesh


FORMICARIUS is a Black Metal band from England; "Rending the Veil of Flesh" is their […]
By Justin "Witty City' Wittenmeier
September 19, 2019
Formicarius - Rending The Veil Of Flesh album cover

FORMICARIUS is a Black Metal band from England; "Rending the Veil of Flesh" is their second full length release.  I actually found this album to be a lot of fun-for the last year or so, most of the Black Metal I have reviewed has been atmospheric, ambient, or Doom infused.  "Rending the Veil of Flesh," isn't what I would call more straight forward, traditional Black Metal but it definitely doesn't fit into the above mentioned categories.

What stands out in my mind the most are the riffs and leads- Nazarkardeh and Lord Saunders are riff making machines.  This album definitely has no shortage of kick ass riffs and blistering leads.  In my opinion, Black Metal isn't really the go to genre for guitar playing but FORMICARIUS have decided otherwise.  Morath's keyboards are equally as impressive-they aren't used to create ambiance or anything but instead used as an instrument that is as integral to their sound as the guitar.   The keys have their place in each song, serving a purpose but never being too layered or over abundant like some other BM such as DIMMU BORGIR, for example.

The vocalist are of an interesting approach.  I'm not sure which of the two it is but much of the time, one of them this blackened growl that he uses in an almost spoken word type of tone.  It does sound different but it also doesn't allow for very much range or moments of vocal versatility.  Still, he is adequate and it works decent enough within the music's range. The first track, "Beyond The Veil Of Flesh," kicks the album off with equal parts furious and epic, the guitars and keys mixing great together.   Haegtesse's bass is very audible within the mix and considering how well he plays it, the album is all the better for it.  He really shines during the solos, when he backs up the rhythm."Within The Depths," is a more straight forward approach, more aligned with a rawer form of Black Metal.  The riffs are extremely fast on this song and it is quite the rager, even with the band's signature keys still present.  This isn't the most straight forward track on the album but one that is primed with energy.

"The Fourth Horseman," uses the double bass and guitar to smash down like a hammer while the clever use of keys adds in much needed melody to offset the more caustic tones of the song. Once again, the mighty, is a one-man demolition team.   On the other hand, "Crimson Purge," has the guitars taking more of the melodic approach, especially in the ending solo.  These two songs represent the album's willingness to use what is needed, when it is needed for each song. I found this to be an enjoyable release and will make a worthwhile listen for Metal fans looking too get into the genre but don't care for the overtly Satanic, lo-fi stuff.  Likewise, those who prefer their BM a bit more intense will find this album still satisfies their carnal needs.

7 / 10









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"Rending The Veil Of Flesh" Track-listing:

1. Beyond The Veil Of Flesh
2. Dieu Et Mon Droit
3. Within The Depths
4. Early Will I Seek Thee
5. Inherit Our Sickness
6. The Fourth Horseman
7.  Stalker Among The Stars
8. Crimson Plague
9. O Dread Impaler

Formicarius Lineup:

Haegtesse - Bass, Vocals
Nazarkardeh - Lead Guitars
Lord Saunders - Vocals, Guitars
Morath - Keyboards
Kevin Paradis - Drums (Session)
Nichalos Millar - Violin (Session

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