Ascending the Monolith

Forever's Fallen Grace

When you read that a band has fused together multiple genres into their music, often […]
By MarcusTheRocker
March 18, 2015
Forever's Fallen Grace - Ascending the Monolith album cover

When you read that a band has fused together multiple genres into their music, often you begin to wonder whether or not they will work or not, as you worry about the way it sounds, the quality of the production, and whether or not the music is enjoyable, but you will find that most of the time, genre fusions can work incredibly well and produce some excellent stuff; so time to find out whether or not the subject of this review is one of those.

The band featured in today's review is a quintet of Heavy/Progressive Metal musicians from the USA, who this year, release their fifth studio album. Their name is FOREVER'S FALLEN GRACE. The band formed in 1999 in Stoughton, MA in the USA and so far, they have one EP out and five studio albums out, including their newest release, "Ascending the Monolith". The album was released on New Year's Day this year, which is an interesting date to release a new album, so better late than never I suppose. Anyway, enough rambling, as it's time for me to talk about the new album.

Straight off the bat when the first number kicks in, doubts begin to form in your mind as although the sound is heavy, the production doesn't sound as crisp as you would otherwise expect it to be, but don't think the sound is completely terrible, as for the most part, it's alright, as there are lots of heavy guitars and fast drumbeats for you to hear but I think the sound could been tweaked a bit better and there are a few moments where the melodies can sound a bit messy which does ruin it a bit. But it's not present all that much, so I may or may not overlook this issue.

Another thing that irks me about this album is the vocals because, although I do like Heavy Metal music, more often than not, I am slightly put off and annoyed from time to time, by the singer's performances, as they tend to focus too much on screaming, growling and just generally trying to push their voices to their limit. This is not a bad strategy if you're used to it or if you're a good singer, but there have been cases where I've listened to Heavy Metal releases and having my ears hurt from the vocals, as I sometimes tend to look for performance over quality but for the most part, it's the other way around or a mixture of both and I'm afraid I can't find any redeeming qualities here with the vocals as both the performance and the quality aren't what I usually look for.

Overall, I didn't really find myself enjoying the new album from FOREVER'S FALLEN GRACE, as there are things about it which do irk me, as the production is alright but not great, the vocal performance isn't what I usually look for and the lengths of some of the songs make it less enjoyable which wouldn't be a problem if everything else was good but I'm afraid that is not the case here, as it's not really an album I enjoyed but I will be fair and say that I have heard worse.

5 / 10


"Ascending the Monolith" Track-listing:

1. Into the Abattoir
2. Crown the Night
3. Mausoleum of Dreams
4. Iron Will
5. Suffer Our Sins
6. Wombshifter
7. Clarion of Regret
8. Anthems of Triumph and Tragedy
9. Forever Forgotten

Forever's Fallen Grace Lineup:

Michael Ferro - Vocals
Nelson Moore - Guitars
Ken McKee - Guitars
Kyle Hannon - Bass
Jimmy Norris - Drums

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