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Did I miss the memo or something? There seems to be an infestation of Hardcore […]
By Laura Cosheril
October 21, 2015
For Today - Wake album cover

Did I miss the memo or something? There seems to be an infestation of Hardcore bands popping up over the recent years and actually doing pretty well! Who'd have thought? Founded in 2005, FOR TODAY have been around long enough to see this evolution and to be counted as a major contender in the hardcore genre. Since they formed they've shared the stage with Metalcore greats such as AUGUST BURNS RED, ASKING ALEXANDRIA and THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA. Pretty good going if you ask me!

Now, before I start, it is no secret that this type of genre is not something I would actively listen to of my own accord; not enough Satan! But I decided to roll with it and hit play anyway. The first song on this album "No Truth No Sacrifice" begins with an eerie, high pitched guitar piece before the growls of Mattie storm in. I'm already hooked; the contrast of soft guitar with the dark, harsh vocals is very euphonious. There is some clean vocals scattered around here and there which I could take or leave, there wasn't really any need for them.

A few songs later "Bitter Roots" comes along and it's beautiful! There's an acoustic beginning with some mellifluous clean vocals. It's a far cry from the majority of the rest of the album. They almost sound like a rock band in this track, very SEETHER-esque; that is until around two and a half minutes where the demon in Mattie emerges again.

"Determination" comes a further few songs later and it's killer. The opening riff reminds me of PANTERA and the range in vocal pitches and styles is phenomenal. One second there's growls, the next screeching, the next is clean vocals; I wish I could do that! It's extremely catchy and definitely stands out from the rest of the album.

Now, I've given this album a lot of praise but there is one thing that I found to be a poor common denominator; palm muted chugging coming from the guitar in almost every song. Now, it does add depth to the music; but if you need to use it in every song to add depth then there is something fatally wrong with your song writing and maybe you need to go back to the drawing board. Anyone with two hands and a guitar can produce that sound; do something to stand out.

I do like this album and I will come back to listen to it in the future because it's not a bad record at all. But I found the majority of the songs to be the same; some fiddly diddly riffage, some chugging, some gutturals, some clean vocals and boom, song written. If you like that type of thing and don't mind listening to 11 songs of the same thing, then pick up this album by all means. "Wake" is a satisfying album and should be given at least one listen.

7 / 10


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"Wake" Track-listing:

1. No Truth No Sacrifice
2. Broken Lens
3. Forced Into Fire
4. Deserter
5. Bitter Roots
6. Wasteland
7. Hopeless Ambition
8. Determination
9. Flooded Earth
10. Time and Tide 

For Today Lineup:

Mattie Montgomery - Vocals
Ryan Leitru - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Brandon Leitru - Bass
David Puckett - Drums

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