Primrose Path

For Selena And Sin

I always watch out for hopefuls that will give something more to one of my […]
By Dimitris Karametros
February 23, 2010
For Selena And Sin - Primrose Path album cover

I always watch out for hopefuls that will give something more to one of my favorite Metal genres - that is Gothic metal. In the past year I listened to most of the female fronted Metal bands that dance around the Gothic/Symphonic female fronted Metal, the good thing is that women begin to front more openly Metal bands and their numbers rise. Apart from already established bands, now even more have the chance to be heard and that is a positive thing. What really is a matter to look into is that many times we lose the essence of Gothic for Act and that leads to many writing and saying that female fronted Gothic/Symphonic Metal bands look and play a similar kind of music. A sad notion that leads to the dismissal of many good young bands, before they even begin to prove themselves on the scene of course it is also expected from the bands to act like that and they fall in the dark pit of mediocre.

FOR SELENA AND SIN is a Finnish band that was formed in 2004. "Primrose Path" is their second album following their debut "Overdose On You"; I was unable to find their debut album but I was eager to hear them, so here we are and after my initial childlike excitement I sat down and thought it thoroughly what I should write about FOR SELENA AND SIN. I think the band is saved by the lead guitar player. Martii is a force of nature and probably with the help of Pasi the other guitar player they hold the whole album in their guitar skills. I know I begin a little unorthodox, I normally always start with the lead singer, I will come to that to shortly, the guitars wake you up, sometimes I felt that they have such passion to raise the dead. I do not imply that the rest of the album is dead but it's a little Pop, things tend to slow down too much and the guitars help them speed up, I could even admit that there is something in the guitars that remind you of older Gothic bands, very good and powerful guitar play.

Annika is a good singer for a more mainstream sound, she has a Rock/Pop voice that does not help much the mood that the band tries to accomplish, there are times that you can feel her energy but you always need something more, and especially in this genre where most female vocalists can brake glasses with their crescendo. Where there are slow lyrical parts she can pull them through like tight fitting glove, when the need for power comes she is found lacking. The production is in good levels and shows real professionalism, the songs move within the sphere of personal relationships, a theme I find overused lately. There is also a cover song of Kylie Minogue which is a very good heavier version, the song is "Confide In Me" from her 1994 album.

FOR SELENA AND SIN is a band that falls easily in the hopeful category of the Metal scene, there are points that they must clear such as were the tension and the mood that the band wants to establish will begin and end, hopefully soon enough. I am waiting eagerly the next album or a forlorn hope to see them live.

6 / 10

Had Potential

"Primrose Path" Track-listing:
  1. Countdown To The Stars
  2. Bring Me The Sun
  3. Rusty Rails Of Yesterday
  4. Horst
  5. Confide In Me
  6. Broken Mirror
  7. Colour My World
  8. Psycho Lover
  9. Don't Touch The Sky
  10. Summer Hill
  11. Bonus Tracks
  12. Five Days In A Row
  13. Sister Sunset
For Selena And Sin Lineup:

Annika Jalkanen - Vocals
Pasi Kolari - Guitars
Martii Pohjosaho - Lead Guitars
Teemu Oksanen - Keyboards
Aapeli Kivimaki - Bass
Taneli Sillanmaki - Drums

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