In The Time Of Legends


The life and the deeds of the Viking people and the Celts is a great […]
By Dimitris Karametros
August 29, 2009
Folkodia - In The Time Of Legends album cover

The life and the deeds of the Viking people and the Celts is a great inspiration to many bands in the Heavy Metal genre; their heroics, their myths and battles inspire pictures of awe and greatness. FOLKODIA draws its influence from the legendary times of the Vikings and attempts through their music to bring that legend back to life. Well, at least for the listener who will manage to remain awake for the best part of the album.
FOLKODIA was formed in 2007, the where is of no importance since they are from everywhere! No, literally they are, FOLKODIA is an amalgam project of musicians from various groups of similar sound across Europe. In their MySpace page they write that they are from Antarctica, signifying the fact that they are from all around. FOLKODIA has ten members playing various modern and classical instruments. In The Time Of Legends is their second full length album, the first was Odes From The Past, a self-released album. In The Time Of Legends is produced by Stygian Crypt Productions.
The band plays Folk/Viking Metal since they all play in similar music oriented groups. I was full of expectations at the beginning, poor me; I dreamed of something powerful and before I pressed play I was thinking of great folk songs and Viking acts of heroism, be it myth or history. By the fourth song I was pushing myself to continue listening to the album. Be it the various vocals that seemed they were singing from the great beyond, or the chaotic appearance of the various instruments and female vocals, be it the lack of that little something that makes you want to take up sword and shield and go loot and pillage, your next door neighbor; the album had a sleep inducing ability on me. Ride To Tannenberg, The immortal Of Thule and The Second Battle Of Moytirra might be the album's best moments as is the violin solo in Glory Stainless Victories.
Technically, In The Time Of Legends is a good album, although with what I think a weak production. I haven't heard their first album, but as I wrote above, the voices can be heard as if they are singing from far away. The vocal range encompasses everything, and that is what tired me the most, not only wasn't the voice epic to feel the strength of a folk or Viking story, there are so many fluctuations to it that I got tired. It is perfectly OK with me to have the ability to be able to sing everything in any range from growls to normal to high pitches, but don't put everything in an album and at least not as chaotic.
The same goes for the instruments. FOLKODIA is made up from accomplished musicians that know how to play good music, but they play something incoherent. Apart from the drums and the guitars, flutes appear here and there, violin comes as sudden as it disappears. And there is no passion, it seems as if they were not listening to each other while playing.
In The Land Of Legends is a love it or leave it album, hardcore fans might like it and maybe I am too mainstream when it gets to Vikings and all, but I want more glory, passion and heroism to the sound. A band can do that without becoming poser.

5 / 10


"In The Time Of Legends" Track-listing:

The Oath
The First Battle Of  Moytirra
Viking Pride
Glory Stainless Victories
Sol Invictus
The Capitulation Of Vercingetorix
Ride To Tannenberg
The Immortal Of Thule
The Second Battle Of Moytirra
Dreaming In Hyperborea

Folkodia Lineup:

Marios Koutsoukos - Lyrics
Hildr Valkyrie - Female Vocals, Growl Vocals, Choirs
Simom Muller - Music, Electric Guitar, Accoustic Guitar, Flute, Bass, Tin Whistle, Vocals
Munngu Beyeler - Deger Pipe, Ewi Flute, Vocals
Loki - Music, Electric Guitar, Keyboard, Vocals, Drum Programming
Metfolvik - Tin Whistle, Lyrics, Vocals
Eleanor Lucas - Violin
Elio D'Alessandro - Vocals
Matthew Bell - Music, Mandolin, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Nylon String Guitar, Lute
Mara Davis - Flute

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