Purging Existence

Flesh Engine

This time we have FLESH ENGINE from Philadelphia, US. Active since 2007, they have had […]
By Dominik "Chelu" Cheliński
February 1, 2015
Flesh Engine - Purging Existence album cover

This time we have FLESH ENGINE from Philadelphia, US. Active since 2007, they have had eight years to aim to perfect their brand of metal. "Purging Existence" was released on 25th November of 2014. The band had released 2 EPs and but one full-length. These American claim that they have "a desire to capture the feel and spirit of some of their early musical influences to create music that would bring back metal music the way it used to be played - heavy, loud, and with passion". Well, I cannot deny this.

I absolutely agree that band represents a pure, oldschool style. But the problem that all oldschool bands face, is lack of freshness. What do I mean? Well, It's all about catchiness or cheesiness. In a single moment, when I see all of the old tricks and themes, the things that once were catchy, now they becomes cheesy. I have heard all of this before; recreations and regurgitations are nothing new, nothing special. Someone may say, that It's my lack of taste. Overall album for me is casual - from technical, compositional and production side. Nothing really delighted me; no risks were taken, and the overall result is a bore.

To sum up, this album hasn't brought anything new, nor interesting. I expected much more from . It is listenable, maybe someone who is into this kind of stuff might find something. But my opinion is, that this stuff might be good, if it would be released 30 years ago. Now, the expectations are much higher, especially for a band which has active for 7 years. I don't mean there should be abusive fretboard-masturbation in 9/4 all over the show; just some originality and ideas.

4 / 10

Nothing special

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"Purging Existence" Track-listing:

1. The Devil's Shadow
2. Walker of the Planes
3. Diamond Cross
4. Plagued Winds
5. Purging Existence
6. Overclocking
7. Force of Will
8. Playing on the Fear of Gods
9. Reduce to Nothing

Flesh Engine Lineup:

Dustin Hamel - Vocals, Guitar
Dave Orkin - Guitar
Paul Orkin - Bass, Backing Vocals
Ted Domzalski - Drums

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