Dark Skies

Fit For A King

So, FIT FOR A KING, fairly popular, at least popular enough that I've heard their […]
By Erik Aikos
October 28, 2018
Fit For A King - Dark Skies album cover

So, FIT FOR A KING, fairly popular, at least popular enough that I've heard their name in discussions and such, christian Metalcore, not the most interesting genre for me, but oh well, what can you do. Basically zero expectations, since christian metal (besides 3 bands) I found was just as bland as other christian popular music, even though I myself am a christian, I could never relate to, or identify with most christian music, because it's just too watered down, cliché and even immature at certain points. And that's true for this new FIT FOR A KING LP too.

I must admit I liked this record a decent bit more on my second listen, but that's not saying much, since I hated it on my first, I just didn't find anything to capture me and force me to fully pain attention to the music to be able to fully appreciate it. But after I actually got an idea of what the album is and is supposed to be, I could enjoy about half of it for a listen. I must admit, the clean vocals don't sound as feminine and weak as most third-wave Metalcore vocalists, and the production is actually pretty good, the choruses are catchy and anthemic as hell, especially on the first track, "Engraved".

We also have some good riffs here and there, but overall, the most consistently good part of the record is the drumming, it almost always manages to blend in yet have an identity of its own, never too complicated, never too simple, and in the conclusion with "Oblivion" we actually have some blast beats there, which kind of surprised me, so that's another thing I liked. But overall, there's nothing to come back here for.

Sure, it's fun for about 40% of it, but it's still just cliché christian metalcore, lyrically and musically, which lacks maturity in composition and lyrics as well, I mean hell, most of these songs basically HAVE THE SAME MESSAGE. I say if modern metalcore is your thing and you're looking for something not too progressive but simple, check it out on Spotify, but I can't find a reason to actually come back to it.

5 / 10









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"Dark Skies" Track-listing:

1. Engraved
2. The Price of Agony
3. Backbreaker
4. Anthem of the Defeated
5. When Everything Means Nothing
6. Youth / Division
7. Shattered Glass
8. Towers of Pain
9. Debts of the Soul
10. Oblivion

Fit For A King Lineup:

Jared Easterling - Drums
Ryan Kirby - Vocals
Ryan O'leary - Bass

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