Soul Revolution

Fire From The Gods

FIRE FROM THE GODS was formed in Austin, Texas in 2007 by original guitarist Drew […]
January 2, 2023
Fire From The Gods - Soul Revolution album cover

FIRE FROM THE GODS was formed in Austin, Texas in 2007 by original guitarist Drew Walker and went through several personnel changes before settling in on the current line up and releasing their debut album in 2016 "Narrative", the album contained the hit singles "Excuse Me" and "End Transmission", and tackled controversial subjects such as racism and abuse of power, following up with the sophomore release of "American Sun" released in 2019 on FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH guitarist's Zoltan Bathory record label Eleven Seven, bringing us to the most current full length album "Soul Revolution" out to the public on October 28, 2022 with this release on Better Noise Records. Having toured incessantly with acts like SEVENDUST and OF MICE AND MEN, playing festivals ranging from the Vans Warped Tour to the country's
largest rock festival, Rock on the Range, seems like they are primed and ready to move from the passenger seat and grab the steering wheel.

The album kicks off with the first three songs delivering rap-rock crushing, cut throat vocals and beat, thundering drums back the violent melody and atmosphere, coupled with these savage lyrics: "There's always something trying to break me, fuck what they're saying, from the fire I am christened, fuck the vibe, killing bredren, I'm never descending, vomit on these hypocrites, fuck the new world order" I'm a little surprised with the direction so far, the bands previous album "American Sun" was more rock and less infused with rap, so as I continue on, I'm hoping for a little more hardened approach, like they reclaim on "Thousand Lifetimes", with the soulful vocals of AJ Channer over a rocking earnest tempo and texture, this gives me hope for the remaining nine songs. Switching gears slightly on "World So Cold" provides textured, almost talking vocals with a simple, melodic beat and winds up somewhere between a ballad and a "light" rock song. Back to their roots with hard core rap/rock on "8 Billion Rats", anguished, aggressive vocals over thumping riffs before ending with a "gang-banger" assault on the eardrums.

I've never been a fan of rap/rock/metal, but I really did enjoy FIRE FROM THE GODS previous album, which is why I'm confused that I really could not fully get into this album. The conglomeration between rap and a definite splash of reggae, unfortunately does nothing for me, and I think it was more present on "Soul Revolution", but I am sure that fans of FAITH NO MORE or RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE will totally enjoy this album.

8 / 10









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"Soul Revolution" Track-listing:

1. Soul Revolution
2.. SOS
3. I N I
4. Thousand Lifetimes
5. Double Edged Sword
6. Love is Dangerous
7. World So Cold
8. Be Free
9. The Message
10. 8 Billion Rats
11. Rapture (Fool Dream)
12. Collapse

Fire From The Gods Lineup:

Drew Walker - lead guitar
Bonner Baker - bass
Jameson Teat - rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Richard Wicander - drums
AJ Channer - lead vocals

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