FINSMOONTH was founded as a Melodic Black Metal band in Jakarta, Indonesia, in 2020. The […]
Finsmoonth - Affliction album cover

FINSMOONTH was founded as a Melodic Black Metal band in Jakarta, Indonesia, in 2020. The band's musical style is characterized by organic, harmonic atmosphere and spiritualistic intensity, rooted in Black Metal and Post Rock elements. The lyrics are mostly based on poetry, despair, romance, life and psychological themes in an introspective and personal manner. "Affliction" is their first release, and contains seven tracks.

The title track leads off the album; a short, one-minute intro piece. There isn't a lot of time to establish the entrance, except to say that the tones are calming and somewhat sad. "Sightless Bound" begins with a big Black Metal sound of thick guitars, heavy drumming, and that familiar "one-two" chord patter that lets us know what we are listening to. The vocals are shrieks, backed by a guttural voice at times. The cleans at the end probably represent some Post Rock elements. "Triumph of the Moon" begins with more thick and fast-moving guitars and drums...the pace is fairly relentless so far. It slows enough to let some despondent elements into the whirlwind of madness. This time, the slow-down middle passage is more pronounced...with what sounds like keyboards and clean guitars.

"Void in Lunar Delusion" also begins with a thick and harrowing sound. It builds to the clearing of storm clouds in the night sky, until all is calm and only the stars remain. Gazing up at them in wonder, times seems to cease. The clouds return soon thereafter and begin to swirl into a tornado at the closing. "Divination I" opens with smoother, more mellow tones. Despondent open words from a female vocalist are given with emotional drive. Heavy layers build from there, creating both a harrowing feeling as well as a gut-wrenching one. Despair turns to anger as the song progresses, with one final sword blow to your heart at the end.

"Divination II" begins with a thick cloud of guitars, drums and vocals. Hatred is the name of the game early on. The sound slows to let the despair sink in. A return to the earlier sound is marked by an increase in intensity. "A Soulless Grave" closes the album. It opens with a mid-tempo pace with a little melody in the guitars. From there, the pace quickens to a steady pounding from the drums and some more wonderful layers in the guitars. Despair kicks in, to the point that you almost can't take the sheer weight of it all. The closing clean passage just gives you time to breathe, and ponder it all.

The trade-off on the album from intense passages of hate and anger to slower, more poignant ones perhaps characterizes the album best. They have all the right measures of the Black Metal side of things, but the other elements add a lot to the album. Especially the slower, clean passages. They layers that this band build, are simply beautiful. Even amidst all the madness, you can immediately pick them out and connect with them easily. This was a very well done album.

8 / 10









"Affliction" Track-listing:

1. Affliction
2. Sightless Bound
3. Triumph of the Moon
4. Void in Lunar Delusion
5. Divination I
6. Divination II
7. A Soulless Grave

Finsmoonth Lineup:

Tino Guruh Putra - Vocals
Micco Rullyanto - Drums
Zukifli Adhe - Guitars
Irwin D. Ryanto - Guitars
Maulana Fachrul - Bass

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