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This all-star alliance / album named "Wings Of Love" started as a collaboration between the […]
By YngwieViking
August 19, 2013
Find Me - Wings Of Love album cover

This all-star alliance / album named "Wings Of Love" started as a collaboration between the multi-talented drummer / songwriter / producer Daniel Flores (THE CODEX / T.M.O.M.S. / SEVENTH WONDER) from Sweden and one of the most in vogue vocalist in the AOR little circles, a Canadian citizen: Robbie LaBlanc of BLANC FACES fame.

This is a new studio project initiated by Frontiers Records and his President Mr. Serafino Perugino, a new melodic Rock dream team release conceptualized and envisioned by the now essential Italian label, the indisputable leader of AOR and the most regular and reliable provider of melodic Hard Rock music as well as the most prolific and one of the more powerful of the whole scene.

The Daniel Flores, fantastic & amazing studio abilities tricks, and mastery in tweaking the knobs and the faders, is more than obvious because the sound result is rich and refined, powerful and very radio friendly but rocking and also spacious yet still never sterile, a big hurrah for this technically perfect and this up-lifted sounding, piece of melodic rock.

As you probably expect, the vocals are flawless and exactly performed in the academic tradition of bands like GIANT, JOURNEY and SURVIVOR by an experienced singer at the top of his game, even if I can regret, the very secure way and the lack of risks but that's the case of most AOR albums, the followers of the genre aren't reputed to be the most open minded listeners in the Metallic world, so I suppose it just the way it is.

Another slight disappointment, is also because the running track sequencing is strangely crafted and it seems like sometimes the disc missed a real unity, indeed as many external writers were hired, some are regular Frontiers songwriters such as Alessandro Del Vecchio (HARDLINE / EDGE OF FOREVER), the brothers from VEGA Tom and James Martin (H.O.L. / SUNSTORM), Thomas Vikstrom (TALK OF THE TOWN / COVERED CALL / THERION) and Sören Kronqvist (CRASH THE SYSTEM) but also the marvelous Erik Mårtensson (ECLIPSE / W.E.T.) who provide one of the best track of the album at the track "Unbreakable", the impressive number of mercenaries song-makers and musicians involved here is perhaps guilty of this feeling of discordancy , that it's maybe a credible explanation of the absence of real personality of the platter.

In fact, the album starts pretty well, the first couple of tracks are thrilling, but quickly the quality is less prominent, the middle part of the disc is even somewhat ordinary, not bad at all, but once again a little bit too predictable, until the immense "Unbreakable", and its great anthemic chorus which boost the album in the right direction this time for good, and the title track next right after carries on the same pure commercial Hard Rock path, the final song is quite impressive too, as "Your Lips" is also a strong track, maybe the strongest of all, with an evident commercial magnetism and real hit-single potential, composed by Flores and Swedish mate Sören Kronqvist, I will ask / wish for more songs out of this fertile collaboration next time.

Another very good AOR album for 2013...An amazing year for the Music lovers. 

8 / 10


"Wings Of Love" Track-listing:

1. Road To Nowhere
2. Another World
3. Dancing To A Broken Heartbeat
4. Eternally
5. Firefight
6. On The Outside
7. One Soul
8. Powerless
9. Bottom Of My Heart
10. Unbreakable
11. Wings Of Love
12. Your Lips

Find Me Lineup:

Robbie LaBlanc - Lead / All Backing Vocals
Daniel Palmquist - Rhythm Guitars
Jonny Trobro - Bass / Fretless
Daniel Flores - Drums & Keyboards

Christopher Vetter - Guest Lead Guitar
David Sivelindt - Guest Lead Guitar
Daniel Palmquist - Guest Lead Guitar

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