Final Tragedy

Despite the fact that France is a large country and has a big musical tradition, […]
By Kostas Liapakis
June 5, 2002
Final Tragedy - Greed album cover

Despite the fact that France is a large country and has a big musical tradition, its metal scene is quite poor. Progressive metallers Final Tragedy seem willing to prove otherwise with their (third overall) release, Greed.
To be honest, this was the first time that I came across their music, and it certainly didn't taste like poison (see back cover of the cd)!! F.T. play prog metal that is based, not so much on complicated orchestrations, but on melody and beautiful atmosphere. According to their biography they used to play techno-thrash some years ago (when they were still named Etheric Soul), but it seems that they have left the past behind for good.
Unfortunately though, Greed is a self-financed, self-produced cd. Which means that the production often doesn't come up to the demands of the compositions, being rather feeble. Some vocal parts also give the impression that they could have been worked better. Having said that, I know that this is mostly a matter of budget, and maybe under the given circumstances the French duo couldn't come up with a better result.
To sum up: Final Tragedy seem to be a hard-working band, and they have some really interesting ideas. So, what is missing? You guessed it, a contract. Should a record label sign them, I am sure they can present something far better in the future.

6 / 10

Had Potential

"Greed" Track-listing:

Lethal Pursuit
Speak The Words
Evil Game
One More Time
On A Fall's Night
Cold Sun
The Wait

Final Tragedy Lineup:

Delphine Cochand - vocals
Jean-Luc Millot - guitars, bass, keyboards & programming
Stefan Hassler - drums

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