Final Cut

FINAL CUT released their second full-length album "Jackhammer" last March 15, 2019 via Art Gates […]
By John Paul Romero
April 11, 2019
Final Cut - Jackhammer album cover

FINAL CUT released their second full-length album "Jackhammer" last March 15, 2019 via Art Gates Records. The album contains ten tracks and consumes 42 minutes of total playtime.

The album opens with a heavy song "Full Steam Ahead". Although predominantly thrashy, there are also some foreign elements in the song. First is their signature death metal vocals, next is the approach on the rhythm guitars which is so rocky. Although the energy is high in this song, it simply does not create excitement at all. The main reason for that is the very repetitive main riff, the almost monotonous rhythm guitars and the dry drums. There is more death n' roll in the next song "Creature". One crazy thing in this song is that country-fashioned harmonica solo that sounds a lot like a Tom and Jerry chase music. At this point, I'm not sure if these guys are even serious with their music. And it's not a one-take stunt because they repeated that gimmick in "Generation Y" and "Die or Die, Guaranteed" because really, who the fuck doesn't want to hear those in a thrash album?

The riffs, which is simply the nuke of thrash metal is also too weak in this album. You'll hear lots of lame riffs here that would sound cool if they were written by elementary boys. They are simply lifeless, boring and unenthusiastic. The drums are also played badly, but in fairness to the drummer, the talent is there - he's fast, and he's strong. I'm just not so sure what they really wanted to do when they allowed him to go on a directionless frenzy and try to kill the listeners while raping the drum kit. And the lyrics? Mediocre at best. Production is also a damn big issue. When you listen to this album, you'll think that you are listening to the same song over and over again. The songs simply sound the same, except maybe that one song called "Break the Barriers" which has a pretty decent solo. Sound quality is another thing. The volume is too low and you'll have to higher the volume of your player before starting to feel that thrash vibe.

This album made me launch the strongest facepalm I ever did in my life. I was expecting some good thrash with decent riffs, presentable solos and an overall electrifying mood but what I got was absolute waste of time. I am not even sure if the band is serious about this music at all, just look at the album art. Maybe they badly wanted to become comedians that they released a laughable album.

2 / 10

What the Hell?








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"Jackhammer" Track-listing:

1. Full Steam Ahead
2. Creature
3. Break the Barriers
4. Momentum
5. Generation Y
6. Prejudice
7. Regrets
8. Grin
9. Die or Die, Guaranteed
10. Picasso's Thoughts

Final Cut Lineup:

Christoph Krippel - Bass
Christian Abt - Guitars
Florian Brandle - Drums
Lukas Buhler - Guitars
Giulio Serratore - Vocals

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