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Final Cry

FINAL CRY started their career already 30 years ago in Lower Saxony, Germany and the […]
April 19, 2022
Final Cry - The Ever-Rest album cover

FINAL CRY started their career already 30 years ago in Lower Saxony, Germany and the years before, they played as PARRICIDE and AVALON, respectively. While they started in Heavy and Thrash Metal, they moved towards melodic Thrash and Death Metal later on in their career. So far, they released two demos and "The Ever-Rest" is their sixth full-length album. It was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Jörg Uken at Soundlodge Recordings. The album has a length of almost 38 minutes and it was released via German label MDD Records which is specialized in Metal.

Having released six albums within 30 years might not suggest that FINAL CRY were extremely active. In fact, the band around Sonja and Burkhardt Sonnenburg as well as Eiko Truckenbrodt regularly released albums until 2006. There has been a break in terms of albums up to 2018, where "Zombique" was released, but more importantly, there has been a shift in sound over the last years. The Thrash Metal inspired sound was replaced by melodic Death Metal in recent years. This tendency was firmly established with the arrival of new vocalist Kai Wilhelm.

After the instrumental intro "Brotherhood Of The Rope", the title song really kick-starts the album. It is a fast melodic Death Metal track with aggressive guitar riffing, lots of double-bass drumming, catchy melodies, and growling vocals varying between the medium to high end of the guttural range. Most of the song is played at high speed with a few breaks for the chorus parts and the extended lead guitar solo. The lead guitar solo contributes to the track very well and altogether, "The Ever-Rest" is a classic melodeath track. The song was released as lyric video and the YouTube link is given below.

"The Icefall" has a strong start with powerful riffing and soon after it transitions into a mid-tempo track where the focus is on the delivery of epic melodies. The chorus vocals are intensified by backing vocals which unfortunately take away the aggression of the growls of Kai Wilhelm. The melodeath thunderstorm continues with "The Beckoning Silence" which is a solid track with a lot of melodies, which sound ARCH ENEMY inspired. The track shows that Kai Wilhelm's vocals are perfectly suited to classical melodic Death Metal. "Seven Summits" is one of those songs that is more direct with sharp guitar riffing, relentless drumming, and less playful melodies. The lead guitar solo is the highlight of the track. "The Avalanche" has a slow start and it builds up a track, which is dominated by epic melodies. The melodic theme is central to the track and everything, drums, bass, guitars, and vocals are built around it. Played a bit slower than mid-tempo, the middle break even includes some IRON MAIDEN vibes. Fans of epic, melodic songs will love this almost seven minutes track.

"Mallory's Mask" has a fast start, but transitions soon into mid-tempo. It is another classical melodeath track, but with a lot of tempo changes and variations in melodies. The drumming on "Mallory's Mask" is very comprehensive and drives the track forward. Highlight is again the extended lead guitar solo. FINAL CRY do really an excellent job (and not only in this song) in combining fast and aggressive parts, with epic and partially melancholic melodies and harmonies. "Into The Whiteout" is another example for that, although the track is rather dominated by the pace and sharp guitar riffing than by the melodic components. "Words Unspoken" starts with powerful riffing at a head-banging mid-tempo. While the verse sections are dominated by the catchiness of the riffing, the chorus sections are played at down-tempo and include melancholic melodies and also some deeper growls. The album ends with another instrumental, which picks up the theme of the intro.

"The Ever-rest" is a very good melodic Death Metal album. FINAL CRY eventually completed the transition from a Thrash Metal sound of earlier releases to a traditional melodeath sound. The album is driven by the guitars and their melodies. The sound of the album is not groundbreaking new stuff, in fact some of the melodies sound familiar to that what has been released on melodic Death Metal albums during the last two decades. FINAL CRY manage to combine all the harmonies with aggression in the riffing, and Kai Wilhelm does really well to keep those elements together. The album is very well produced. "The Ever-Rest" is an album that fans of melodic Death Metal should listen to and many of them will dig this and look forward to the new material being played live.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








"The Ever-Rest" Track-listing:

1. Brotherhood Of The Rope
2. The Ever-Rest
3. The Icefall
4. The Beckoning Silence
5. Seven Summits
6. The Avalanche
7. Mallory's Mask
8. Into The Whiteout
9. Words Unspoken
10. This Ending

Final Cry Lineup:

Kai Wilhelm - Vocals
Eiko Truckenbrodt - Guitars
Burkhardt Sonnenburg ­ Guitars
Holger Feldmann - Drums
Sonja Sonnenburg - Bass

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