Persistence of Memory

Final Coil

Okay, wow, just... wow. I really didn't expect this. "Persistence of Memory" is something I never […]
By Erik Aikos
November 28, 2018
Final Coil - Persistence of Memory album cover

Okay, wow, just... wow. I really didn't expect this. "Persistence of Memory" is something I never would have anticipated, nor have I ever listened to anything quite like it. Let me elaborate. The record's most distinctive characteristic is it's really (I mean REALLY) tame, held back production and instrumental. Somewhat minimalist as well. Even when there are distorted, heavy riffs, such as in the opener, "Corruption", the production and sound-design really bring it down to a calmer, held back level.

It works quite well with vocalist Phil Stiles' voice and singing style. Which is, well, I would say repetitive, but enjoyable and fitting for the first few songs of the record. Then painfully monotone and boring for the rest. This thing about the vocals, it applies to the entire LP. This album is over 1 hour long, and it was a genuinely mood-harming experience to sit through the last 3-4 songs, because there is, Nothing. New. What. So. Ever.

I mean, honestly, I'm not lying or exaggerating when I say I was surprised when I heard the wah in track no. 5, "Myopic", or the atmospheric, pleasing piano outro in "Lost Hope". I completely, utterly and absolutely have no clue what their direction was when they made this repetitive, monotonous piece of music. My best guess is that they went for creating a meditative ambiance with repetitious style and sounds, but the album's overall style  doesn't fit that criteria at all. I don't think this record is worth your money, if even your time to stream it on Spotify. To summarize, it's, it's... it's not good.

5 / 10









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"Persistence of Memory" Track-listing:

1. Corruption
2. Dying
3. Alone
4. You Waste My Time
5. Myopic
6. Failed Light
7. Spider Feet
8. Lost Hope
9. Moths To The Flame
10. In Silent Reproach
11. Alienation

Final Coil Lineup:

Phil Stiles - Lead Vocals / Rhythm Guitars
Richard Awdry - Lead Guitars / Backing Vocals
Jola Stiles - Bass

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