Legions of the Sun

Final Chapter

What's up, Metal maniacs? I'm here once again to give you an insight; this time […]
June 29, 2016
Final Chapter - Legions of the Sun album cover

What's up, Metal maniacs? I'm here once again to give you an insight; this time on the Power Metal quintet, hailing from the glory of Germany: FINAL CHAPTER and their 2nd album entitled: "Legions of the Sun" signed via Underground Symphony.

Power Metal! When I think of you, I think of the Kings of Metal: MANOWAR and the untimely brilliance of its upbeat positive nature. FINAL CHAPTER hail from Germany; performing classical Heavy Metal with the fusion of Power Metal for atmospheric glory. Power Metal can also implement Thrash Metal montages here and there; at least I found this with the band in question, "Legions of the Sun" is everything Heavy Metal and Power Metal that one could ask for. From symphonic harmonies to killer instrumentation with a brotherhood-esquire of musicianship integrity. Louder than hell, screams of steel and just a killer production of epic proportions. If you love your Mettle with an atmospheric turn-out while fusion some ballsy techniques - you've come to the right review! Curious to know of FINAL CHAPTER and crave a powerful quartet in their former glory? Then keep on reading, you arm-chair warriors.

We have Michael Stein on drums; Michael Brettner on guitars as well as Andreas Wimmer with an additional helping of keyboard antics, and finally: Oliver Strasser on vocals. Everything sounds musically fine for such a young band and while on a hefty hiatus with their debut album released in 2004: "The WizardQueen" it was about time these Metal Warriors unleashed something! If you waited this long for FINAL CHAPTER's slow revival; I envy you, we've all been there, waiting for a most anticipated release. "Legions of the Sun" is 8 years in the "waiting" and while all is musically a winner; it's also an utmost memorable and original project that should have all you Power Metal addicts accepting its former glory. With a melodic atmosphere and powerful instrumentation - we have here something special, and should deserve at least one listen. Enough rambling, let's dive in!

"Trace of Fate" compiles the typically Heavy Metal scream you'd find in a typical MANOWAR song; as it begins to pummel you in the face with a full-throttle push that implements Thrash Metal riffs and power, the added effects of keyboard optimism really helps profound the genre in question. "Sail Away" and "Garden of Fear" keep the charm alive while adding more atmosphere and just general fruition; the titular track: "Legions of the Sun", and "Eternal Keep" add more brilliant flamboyance and just keeping the elementary forces of steel very much high-strong. "The Key" and  "The Journey" introduce a feminine voice (of which I couldn't find who plays the part), nevertheless ensues a more interesting listen; sprinkling a dose of glory for this part of the album, similarly found in "The Battle" which is a 12 minute epic - fusing all the elements of enriched enlightenment, and musical integrity that makes you feel like saying: "winning!"

Bottom line... Power Metal is one of my favourite genres in the Metal realm and FINAL CHAPTER's "Legions of the Sun" is a well-deserved entry for your CD collection; definitely a band for everyone. Check it out.

8 / 10









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"Legions of the Sun" Track-listing:

1. Trace of Fate
2. Sail Away
3. Garden of Fear
4. Legions of the Sun
5. Eternal Deep
6. The Key
7. The Journey
8. The Battle

Final Chapter Lineup:

Michael Stein - Drums
Michael Brettner - Guitars
Oliver Strasser - Vocals
Andreas Wimmer - Guitars/Keyboards

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