Gimme Morgue!

Feaces Christ

What do you even expect from a record called "Gimme Morgue!"? Recently put out by […]
By Savely Nevzorov
May 12, 2022
Feaces Christ - Gimme Morgue! album cover

What do you even expect from a record called "Gimme Morgue!"? Recently put out by German band FEACES CHRIST and released via FDA Records, this record promises a headache for anyone who doesn't like punk in their metal. The rest of us may surprisingly find ourselves enjoying FEACES CHRIST's blasting with their fusion of the aforementioned death metal, groovy hardcore, speedy crossover thrash, punk, and God knows what else!

As a good friend of mine once said, a good punk record must never lose its pace. Be sure, that this album fits that criterion perfectly. You may not hear unexpected riffs or surprising melodic development, but that's not what this music is all about in its essence. "Gimme Morgue!" may only last for 33 minutes but it will be more than enough for this record to kick your ass with its energetic beats, goofy lyrics, and ironic attitude. It is a pure joy going through the list of songs on this record featuring names such as "Cadaverous Erection", "Embalmed in Vomit", "Menstrual Cup", and other wonderful manifestations of the thorough creative process. The song "Fulci lives" with its funny riffs, silly vocals, and a tribute paid to a well-known horror-movie director, turned out to be my personal favorite. The generally short duration of the tracks - most songs on the album last no longer than a couple of minutes - is a bonus, too, as you're constantly amused with a new theme. The shortest song on the record - called "Bar Fights" - is only 20 seconds long. Nevertheless, it does manage to put a smile on your face despite its limited playtime.

There's not much to talk about the sound on this record. With its DISSECTION-ish guitar tone - although some may think of something like DARKTHRONE at "Circle the Wagons" and other of their crust and punk phase-records - and NAPALM DEATH-like noisy drum sound, it comes to fit all the genre's standard settings. It's an honest job, but nothing special. However, some "technical bumps" don't seem like such a big issue in the end. What matters, in the end, is that I've had more fun with "Gimme Morgue!" than I originally expected. Not all hooks landed where the band was aiming to, and not all riffs made me urge for jumping into the closest circle pit. However, the frivolous tone and sensible performance, coupled with cheerful lyrics and general tomfoolery left an extremely positive and light impression. This is an extremely confident debut release!

7 / 10









"Gimme Morgue!" Track-listing:

1. The Goatse and the Goat
2. Fulci lives
3. Cadaverous Erection
4. Menstrual Cup
5. Rancid Romance
6. Bar Fights
7. People piss me off
8. Rest in Piss
9. Parasite
10. Two Wheels are better than Four
11. Melted to Slime
12. Video Nasty
13. Embalmed in Vomit

Feaces Christ Lineup:

C. - Drums
A. - Guitars
D. - Vocals, Bass

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