Fate's Hand

Fate's Hand

FATE'S HAND are a heavy metal quartet all the way from Brisbane and Queensland (Australia) […]
August 20, 2021
Fate's Hand - Fate's Hand album cover

FATE'S HAND are a heavy metal quartet all the way from Brisbane and Queensland (Australia) Their members came from other metal bands including STARGAZER, MONGRELS CROSS and INHAILED. The band are fairly new as they have now released their self titled EP FATE'S HAND, in all formats but you can also wait to get the special edition vinyl which will be made available at the end of this month.

According to those who have listened to their albums and the many appraisals made by music critics they say that this band can "offer a different take on tried and true formulas" and they go on to say that "their brand of old-school insanity is immediately recognizable, but imparts a different feel, as if created with heavy metal zeitgeist close at hand". Their EP was released through Dying Victim Productions based in Germany.

The EP starts off with a track, same name as the band, "Fate's Hand" opening with crows making nerve aching noises before a full unison of old school rock. The guitar especially carries that epic melody and perhaps speed metal rhythm. Short phrasing of drums also contributes significantly, but the vocals vary between authoritative and power based metal.

The next segment in this EP is "Fascination" where the structure is harpooned by vocals & drums combined. This is also the longest track timing in over 6 minutes, but only just. The guitar sound we hear is certainly clean and well polished. Even though there is no bass guitar, there is no let down despite the absence of bass, both guitar parts really make it up.

Moving on into the third part of this EP, namely "What's Been Will Be Again" carries on the drop kick guitar riffs and punchy drums. There is perhaps more momentum in this track and a glam rock approach with the sound of this track. The movement is rather soloistic and more flamboyant, free of time or dynamics. It's a real contender as the penultimate track before the final frontier.

"When The Wolf Comes" is of course our final outro to this EP, the galloping rhythm of guitar continues on with drums matching in time and dynamics. The atmosphere and mood is certainly not excessive, rather more settled but still compelling to listen to. There isn't much more that can be said of this track but it's definitely finished in a flourish.

I can say without doubt in my mind this EP is not to be underestimated in terms of their music and whatever comes next in their next release album or another EP maybe possibly a single release, who knows. The vibrato of guitar and time changes is wonderful, but the partnership of two guitars is very impressive. I look forward to hearing more and if the band decide to release a full length album, there will be high anticipation and expectations as to how it will sound if this EP sounds promising.

8 / 10









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"Fate's Hand" Track-listing:

1. Fate's Hand
2. Fascination
3. What's Been Will Be Again
4. When The Wolf Comes

Fate's Hand Lineup:

Denny Blake - Vocals
Goet - Guitar
Raghallaigh - Guitar
Langley Smith - Drums

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