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Fatal Sin

FATAL SIN was a Trash Metal band from Boca Raton, Florida. They formed in 1985, […]
December 29, 2020
Fatal Sin - Episodes: The Complete Recordings album cover

FATAL SIN was a Trash Metal band from Boca Raton, Florida. They formed in 1985, went through multiple lineup changes, then solidified their membership by 1989 when they recorded their self-titled demo. The band unfortunately would go on hiatus in 1993 and later disband in 1997. On October 13, 2020, their recordings were collected and re-issued as "Episodes: The Complete Recordings." The album comes with an eight-page booklet featuring archival photos and personal insights from Adam Riewold. Also included is a bonus DVD featuring their entire performance at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Florida in 1990.

The album itself comprises six tracks, three studio and three live, spanning about 28 minutes. While albums of this nature appeal mostly to collectors and metal historians, I do have to say many of these tracks absolutely stand on their own. The best tracks, of course, are the studio recordings. The three tracks veer to the Prog side of the spectrum, laying out complicated arrangements across a vast array of tempos.

Thematically, the band focuses on traditional Thrash lyrics protesting environmental and socio-political distress . . . all of which actually seem prophetic coming from thirty years ago and landing in 2020. As a vocalist, Adam Riewold is neither a guttural baritone nor a clean-throated virtuoso, but he does have that fanatical intonation that you expect from Thrash bands. The guitar work of Haven Eaton is impressive in its complexity and ferocity, but my favorite performance by far is Adam Riewold on bass, especially on "Episode."

The live tracks are interesting but don't bear repeating except maybe from an historical perspective. Given the raw quality of the audio (apparently, they were having PA issues on the day), I'm thinking the DVD is much more entertaining with the added visual layer. On other fronts, the album artwork is very 80's Thrash, so fun in a retro-type of way.

Altogether, FATAL SIN's "Episodes: The Complete Recordings" brings to light the combined talents of a band that is sorely missed. And while we can sit around and ponder what might have been, we might be better off just cranking it to 11 and soaking it in.

6 / 10

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"Episodes: The Complete Recordings" Track-listing:
  1. Episode
  2. Fatal Sin
  3. Intense Distress
  4. Civilized Suicide (live)
  5. Dreams Of The Future (live)
  6. Insanity Of Humanity (live)
Fatal Sin Lineup:

Adam Riewold - Vocals and bass
Haven Eaton - Guitars
Greg Threlkel - Drums

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