The Black Hole of the Soul


FARULN is a one man black metal project hailing from the northern parts of Sweden. […]
Faruln - The Black Hole of the Soul album cover

FARULN is a one man black metal project hailing from the northern parts of Sweden. Since the formation in 2014, it has been an honest attempt of extracting sounds and words from the gaping void within. The first demo "Unfettered" (2015) gained sufficient attention in cyberspace for Canadian Ekhidna Records to manufacture it in physical form. Two years past until the second demo candidly entitled "Faruln" was unleashed upon the masses. This time in digital form only but still vital enough for French underground label Battlesk'rs Productions to initiate a malignant collaboration. The first official release of Faruln is the EP called "The Black Hole Of The Soul" containing four tracks of unique Swedish Black Metal. This is just the beginning for FARULN whom in a moderate but determined pace will continue to disrupt the sonic landscapes.

"The Black Hole of the Soul" leads off the album. It has a heavy and fuzzy sound, but not overdone like a lot of Black Metal. The vocals are strong and deep, and the entirety of the song is very dark and reflective of the title. "Recreator of the Great Silence" has more of a traditional Black Metal sound, with those guitars and drums smacking you in the face from the opening. It then slows down to a grinding sound, with vocals that rattle your soul. It is dark, eerie and very harrowing. For me, it crosses both the genres of Black and Death Metal.

"The Sworn Ememy" opens with a slow groove, and a full plate of guitars. The riffs grind at you, slowly opening a portal to Hell beneath your feet, where a horned figure beckons you to come down below. It's cold at first, like winter winds whipping across the prairie, but starts to warm up, getting impossibly hot, as you realize where you are, and it's too late to turn back. "Dissolution" closes the album, coming for your throat right out of the gate. It has an evil sound, announcing the arising of Satan into Earth. He brings legions of demons with him, and they begin to cover the world in darkness. The raucous sound ends abruptly, as if you were snuffed out with the snap of a finger.

Overall, the album showed promise at times, but did not distinguish itself among the thousands of other Black Metal bands out there. There were some wonderful moments of anguish, but the riffing was too simple. I do appreciate the sort of blending between Black and Death Metal, but in the end, the EP was medicore.

5 / 10









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"The Black Hole of the Soul" Track-listing:

1. The Black Hole of the Soul
2. Recreator of the Great Silence
3. The Sworn Enemy
4. Dissolution

Faruln Lineup:

Btsm - Guitars, Bass, Vocals

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