Morbid Symphonies


All in all, FARSOTH’s “Morbid Symphonies” is an album that isn’t reinventing any wheels but the one thing it does it all that is needs to do: play death fucking metal.
November 16, 2023

FARSOTH is a Swedish death metal band that formed in 2020. “Morbid Symphonies” is their second full length album. The band plays a type of death metal with a singular mission to, well, play death metal. “Morbid Symphonies” is a straightforward and no frills album. I don’t want that last sentence to be misconstrued as the album being boring. On the contrary, every song is solid as a rock and there is just enough variety where boredom doesn’t have a chance to set in. Most importantly, I can hear the passion within these ten tracks. These guys obviously love death metal and they want to play it full stop.

The album begins with “Hate,” and it is a perfect start due to its very immediate nature. By the time just a few seconds have passed, a ton of riffs, death screams, and a solid rhythm section have exploded into my ear holes. The guitar tone is just what is needed and that goes for the production/mix too–everything has its place without having to fight for attention. Much like the songwriting, the sound of this album is very balanced, making it easy to digest despite the extremity. As “Hate” adds seconds to the clock, it also adds intensity as if the band is trying to one up itself. Mission accomplished, I’d say.

Infernal Bondage,” chugs along with unlimited strength and energy. The vocals ride atop the riffs with ease as the bass and drums hammer it all down. Bits of melody fit in here and there, not an over amount but enough sprinkled about for added dynamics without compromising their sound. “Bound to Death” signifies the halfway mark and, thankfully, the album still remains strong at this point. This one has a ton of groove and a real old school sound with riffs for days. The last couple minutes take on a more melodic flavor and it fits in very well.

Provoke Me,” is an absolute banger among an album of absolute bangers. The main riff is catchy as hell. The song grows darker and heavier as it goes along and the horror sound bites only add to the fun and macabre presence it gives off. The final song is “World Beyond” and it is one of my favorites on the album. The beginning is morbidly melodic and the drums compliment it so damn well. The slower temp of this one really brings out the heavy evilness of the band too. Around the 2:00 mark, the drums and rhythm guitar kick it into high gear and it turns into a riff fest of pure madness.

All in all, FARSOTH’s “Morbid Symphonies” is an album that isn’t reinventing any wheels but the one thing it does it all that is needs to do: play death fucking metal.

8 / 10









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"Morbid Symphonies" Track-listing:
  1. Damnation Is in the Blood
  2. Kill at a Distance
  3. Savage Torment
  4. Embers of the Burning Dead
  5. Room of Depravity
  6. Suffer the Fallen
  7. Compulsive Degradation
  8. It Will End in Death
Farsoth Lineup:

Jonas Magnusson - Bass
Jari Kuusisto - Guitars
Joakim Mikiver - Vocals
Johnny Nymark - Guitars

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