...As We Dive Into The Dark


Doom Metal from a record label that I know for its Pirate bands? I don't […]
By Aaron "Five Magics" Price
February 4, 2015
Fangtooth - ...As We Dive Into The Dark album cover

Doom Metal from a record label that I know for its Pirate bands? I don't see what could possibly go wrong here. This is an album with a lot of potential, Doom Metal is a rather untouched market and that's probably because just like Black Metal (which is an over saturated market) there isn't a specific sound to follow. I've heard Doom done really well by bands like GHOST and G.E.N. but there are also cases where it's lackluster and monotone, it's not an easy place to be but if you can figure it out you can break out quick. Regardless, this of course is about FANGTOOTH's "...As We Dive Into The Dark" being released with Jolly Roger Records and I was very excited to dive into this one in hopes of a new good Doom band, did I get that? I guess you could just look at the bottom of the page to find out, but why ruin the experience?

In regular Doom fashion, this album is laced with distorted guitars and groove. The songs are on the longer side, which makes up for the fact that there's only 7 of them. Here's what's up with the music though, "No Tomorrow" for example, although the tunes aren't meant to be over the top with riffs there's nothing really there to pull me in. Every band has its gimmick, especially the well known ones. For example, GHOST have the 70s rock sound, mixed with amazingly done clean vocals then add to the fact that the lyrics are insanely satanic. This song on the other hand features a basic riff, accompanied by clean vocals that don't really offer anything special. It also isn't easy to understand the lyrics as if they aren't being annunciated very well. Not that the album has absolutely nothing to offer, some of the guitar parts are pretty cool, I think its mainly the fact that even though I should be able to understand the lyrics, I just can't. I have an easier time understanding Death Metal lyrics sometimes.

Sorry to be a bummer, but this just didn't do it for me. There was nothing to really grab me by the ear and pull me in and I think because of that, I couldn't get interested. Keep in mind, this is just my opinion no reason for you to not check out this song here and judge for yourself!

5 / 10


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"...As We Dive Into The Dark" Track-listing:

1. Funeral In December
2. Of Flesh And Bolts
3. No Tomorrow
4. Memories Of A Forgotten Season
5. Scylla
6. The Wild Hunt
7. Lord Of A Kingdom Dead

Fangtooth Lineup:

Sfack - Vocals, Guitars
Painkiller - Guitars
Damien Thorne - Bass
Grendel The Animal - Drums

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