Devourer of Light


Doom Metal and it's related sub-genres are known for having slow, repetitive guitar riffs and […]
By JF "Thrashing Assault" Briard
April 16, 2015
Famishgod - Devourer of Light album cover

Doom Metal and it's related sub-genres are known for having slow, repetitive guitar riffs and chorus that can be borderline madness, but they can also be interesting alleys into auditory darkness with their heavy atmosphere and melancholic, funeral-like harmonies. But in the case of FAMISHGOD (which would be classified as Doom/Death) the repetitiveness is just too much to bear and absolutely kills (literally) any interest most could have with this.

Everything feels pretty much the same thorough most of the album, to a point where I cannot differentiate each of the tracks individually (like I usually do) at all... Normally, it's a natural writing process for me, but in the case of FAMISHGOD's debut album, there is so little differences between the seven songs that I simply cannot. The vocals are extremely low pitched growls that sound very stale and sterile, they never change or deviate from their rhythm or tone... The guitar riffs are particularly un-varied, amplified by the intense overall apathy. The intro of the album is on piano and there is sometimes clean guitar parts (with the heavily dropped down guitars) but those are the only passable moments I think. The production is pretty bad overall; the only loud thing we can clearly hear is the cymbals/hats and the really trebly fringes of the snare.

I hate giving a bad note to a band, because I realize each members commit to their work a lot, but I can't lie and say that I enjoyed this album: I find very few redeeming qualities to it... In short, this is utter repetitiveness that only diehard fans of Doom metal will find suitable to their ears.

3 / 10


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"Devourer of Light" Track-listing:

1. Devourer of Light
2. Famish
3. Black Eye
4. Premature Grave
5. The Monarch
6. Two Last Stairs
7. Brightless

Famishgod Lineup:

Pako Deimler - All instruments
Dave Rotten - Vocals

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