Wear and Tear


FALSE-HEADS is a three-piece, Alternative Rock band, based out of East London. The album presented […]
March 11, 2015
False-Heads - Wear and Tear album cover

FALSE-HEADS is a three-piece, Alternative Rock band, based out of East London. The album presented here is an EP entitled "Wear and Tear," and contains four new tracks. The opening track, "Nothing In There" is a dark, slow and droning kind of sound, with depressed vocals and clanging, despondent guitar. Emotions imparted relate directly to the song title, as if they were clinging on to something already gone. You can almost hear the world crashing down as the song nears its end. "Snatch" by contrast features a much swifter pace, and use of more major chords. The chord progression and riff accentuation in the chorus remind me of NIRVANA or even THE CLASH at times, and you are left with a more positive feeling overall.

"Twentynothing" has a similar quality to it, though a bit more punkish in the verses at times. The guitar chords resonate like chimes or bells in their harmony. This song has an energy and playfulness in the delivery and a night-club type delivery that would translate well live. "Wrap Up" closes the album with a fuzzy, overdriven effect to the riff, and a running bass line that carries the verses. As far as how the album flows, I think each track bests the previous one. It's an amalgam of Alternative and Post Rock with a definite Punk feeling to it. As far as the genre, it is a minimalistic approach often heard in Alternative music in general. It's hard to judge an EP with only four songs, but I can say that I like the energy and genuineness presented here. Of the four tracks, I think the better sound came from the final three as opposed to the more sterile and introspective opener, though I can understand the sound they were trying to impart there.

6 / 10

Had Potential

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"Wear and Tear" Track-listing:

1. Nothing In There
2. Snatch
3. Twentynothing
4. Wrap Up

False-Heads Lineup:

Luke Griffiths
Jake Elliot
Daniel Delgaty

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