Human Crime

Fallout H.R.

Picture if you will the heyday of Thrash Metal. Beards, booze and bands giving a […]
By Jack Webb
March 7, 2015
Fallout H.R. - Human Crime album cover

Picture if you will the heyday of Thrash Metal. Beards, booze and bands giving a big middle finger to any corporation or any person who stands in their way. It seems as though these punkist attitudes were hard to get away from as recent years have given way to a new breed of Thrash Metal bands. Paying homage to bands gone past, yet also forging new paths. Fallout H.R. are another of these bands to pop up recently with a story to tell.

Opening instrumental "Human Crime" builds the pressure to boiling point, you are seething at the mouth by the time "Silent Deception" decides to kick your teeth in. With lyrics that emote the pure viscosity that Thrash Metal was built upon, it is a behemoth of a track that showcases both the fast staccato riffs of times gone bye and such savage brutality that it is a surefire way to get circle pits going off around the world.

"Red Forest" continues this trend with such pummeling double bass drum fills that it is reminiscent of the end of the world. A true soundtrack to the apocalypse, one to crack open a few beers with friends to and watch the world burn to. "Until the Fallout" begins with a groove so big that you would swear that it is the second coming of Christ. Followed by a scream that is parallel to Tom Araya it takes proceedings to a whole new level. Kicking up the BPM and injecting your ears with savage lyrics and even a nod to the occult.

When Thrash Metal bands cover other bands, many people are accustomed to covering their ears, knowing that it will just be a mess. But the cover of doom legends CANDLEMASS's "Solitude" is somewhat of an epiphany. Adding new life to the track whilst still remaining themselves, other Thrash bands take note. This is how you do a cover, and this is how you make a banger of an album.

10 / 10


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"Human Crime" Track-listing:

1. Human Crime
2. Silent Deception
3. Red Forest
4. Until the Fallout
5. Solitude (Candlemass Cover)

Fallout H.R. Lineup:

Ayrton Glieca - Bass / Vocals
Raffaele Castellucci - Guitar / Vocals
Simone "Mitra" Splendore - Drums

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