The end of the year, is coming really fast, it was another fantastic period for […]
By YngwieViking
December 9, 2013
Falcon - Frontier album cover

The end of the year, is coming really fast, it was another fantastic period for Metal music and another highlight of my life, musically speaking of course. The entire 2013 was filled with another great flow of Metallic CD, a perfect stream, in a month after month heavenly combination, that leads to a great sum of music, this almost finished year was even better than 2012, with a bunch of incredible albums and only a few letdowns, of course each and every styles of Metal were displayed with many huge releases that we had to purchase and collect for our biggest pleasure.

FALCON's "Frontier" belongs to another breed of albums; it was neither expected or disappointing, just flat, dull and quite ordinary. In fact, I don't really know, if this is for real or if it's some kind of parody at a more or less strong degree, because as it seems to be a silly side-project by members of Psychedelic Metalist gang CIRCLE (calling themselves with humor NWOFHM's genitors) with guys from PHARAOH OVERLÖRD and drummer from MOTORSPANDEX, maybe there is an indulgent funny level that I don't get ("Miami Tits"). If it's supposed to be a tongue-in-cheek tribute to the 80's, Finland's BROTHER FIRETRIBE or FIRENOTE were much better at this game and clearly more exalted/talented, finally it doesn't reveal any entertaining elements, at least for me.

The only surprising / disturbing fact, is that the Finnish band doesn't hold a really focus, switching from one mood to the other, once ordinary Heavy Rock with clear 80's flavors ("Ranger") then in exchange to cheap retro AOR ("Partners In Crime"/"Leather Seat"/"Vegas Sundown"), and later back to uninspired Classic 70's Hard Rock ("Beer & Ribbs" / "Ace of Hearts") with only one common denominator which is the flatness and the insipidity of the songwriting , not ugly but not good at all, somewhat absurd, this very average at best ("Horses" / "Bringers Of The Dawn" / "Seasoned Girl" those three are really bad, I mean really bad). With so much quantities of superb music published lately, this disc is not worth your hard earned money.

Ps: Please dear Metal Temple followers, don't make any confusion with the German Melodic Metal act FALCON, that released "Mystery" & "Chartscraper" in the mid 90's.

3 / 10


"Frontier" Track-listing:

1. Ranger
2. Beer & Ribbs
3. Horses
4. Partners In Crime
5. Vegas Sundown
6. Ace of Hearts
7. Bringers Of The Dawn
8. Leather Seat
9. Miami Tits
10. Seasoned Girl

Falcon Lineup:

Janne Westerlund - Guitars/Vocals
Julius Jääskeläinen - Guitars
Pekka Jääskeläinen - Guitars
Samae Koskinen - Bass
Tomi Leppänen - Drums
Mika Rättö - Keyboards / Vocals
Jussi Lehtisalo - Bass / Vocals

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