Perversions Of Angel VI

Fairytale Abuse

Melodic Balck Metal...hmmm...if you like your 'grim' Metal being really extreme and misanthropic, please bypass […]
By Grigoris Chronis
May 29, 2008
Fairytale Abuse - Perversions Of Angel VI album cover

Melodic Balck Metal...hmmm...if you like your 'grim' Metal being really extreme and misanthropic, please bypass this one. The rest - especially people learning the 'Black Metal' term via bands like e.g. CRADLE OF FILTH and DIMMU BORGIR - can read below in comfort.
FAIRYTALE ABUSE - hailing from Denmark - was brought to birth in the mid-90s. To my eyes, it's the case of the band working hard to present self-financed creations in order to ink deal with a major Metal label, even years after. Hence: after nearly half a dozen of demos and a 'private' full-length - 2004's The Spirit Tower, later on to be distributed worldwide via a couple of merchants - it was time for Massacre Records to 'shoot' an eye on them. Perversions Of Angel VI is now arriving and you cannot escape from detecting the critical fact.
FAIRYTALE ABUSE sounds to me as a pure 'replica' of the two aforementioned bands. Got the bic pic? Blackness, 'goth' romance, 'polished' screams, triggered drums, perfect production, variable riffs, diverse tempos, semi-complex songwriting, graveyard-ish keys etc. With two new members in the 'rhythm section' duties, FAIRYTALE ABUSE present what we already know 'bout this sub-genre. This album is so typical that ends up being rather 'to be deleted?' after the first couple of spins. Have not heard their previous efforts, while - do not misunderstand me - the new album ensures the band's hard work. Still, it all sounds so 'usual' that I cannot find something more special to add. If you love C.O.F. and D.M. and you like every well-structured release in this kind of Black Metal, you'll definitely find some interest here. Else, just ignore.


6 / 10

Had Potential

"Perversions Of Angel VI" Track-listing:

When One Bleeds
The Interdiction Of Obscurity
Fall Of The Icon
Vivid The Blood Ill-Natured
A Phenomenons Rage - The Burden
Troparion For The White Plague
Lust Murder Theatre
At The Gate Of Thorns
Curse Of The Black Opus
Powers And Signs Of Lying Wonders
Our Glorious Revivification

Fairytale Abuse Lineup:

Simon Rodgaard Pedersen - Vocals
Michael Birkedal Alm - Guitars
Morten Passow Odgaard - Guitars
Jonas Reif Jorgensen - Keyboards
Morten Lykke Andersen - Bass
Danni Lyse Jelsgaard - Drums

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