Multiversal Abattoir

Faceless Burial

Debuting in 2017 with a full-length, FACELESS BURIAL are back with "Multiversal Abattoir", an EP […]
By Liam Easley
January 8, 2019
Faceless Burial - Multiversal Abattoir album cover

Debuting in 2017 with a full-length, FACELESS BURIAL are back with "Multiversal Abattoir", an EP of four brand new tracks (not including the intro) of Blackened Death Metal heaviness. The EP starts with "Theriomorphic Meconium Aspiration". This track is as heavy as it is fast, weaving technical passages with gnarly solos that dive into macabre riffs. The complexity carries on into the next three tracks, and it is always unexpected. I usually expect Blackened Death Metal to be straight forward. FACELESS BURIAL is straight forward, but they like to throw in surprising elements.

The songwriting on this EP is further built upon just within the intro of "Piteous Sepulchre (of Amentia)". The heavy guitars have a bit of HATE ETERNAL-styled technicality and ferocity as they pound along to the rhythm. This aggression continues throughout "Fistulated Beyond Recognition", a track that even delves into Old School Death Metal-styled riffs midway through.

All of this builds up to the final track, "Multiversal Abattoir". The groove that kicks off the song is pretty heavy and causes one's head to nod. The rest of the track is jumpy, choppy riffage that is fairly technical for Blackened Death Metal. The fact that this is an EP is quite nice because it makes it more listenable. The technicality and speed make the music go by in a blur, so having listenability makes it easier to repeat and catch everything that was missed. This EP has this quality. Unlike most people, I like short albums because of this.

If there's one thing that is not ideal about this EP it's the production. The guitars are very crackly, and some chords seem to barely push themselves out of my speakers because of this. Obviously, this is Blackened music, however, better production would make the more technical and layered moments on this EP stand out more. "Multiversal Abattoir" is a fun listen. It's technical, energetic, and short, but most of all, it's relentlessly fast. The energy and technicality are large aspects of this EP, and they both give it some character. FACELESS BURIAL have a great sound, and I look forward to their next release.

8 / 10









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"Multiversal Abattoir" Track-listing:

1. Sluiced in Celestial Sewerage
2. Therimorphic Meconium Aspiration
3. Piteous Sepulchre (of Amentia)
4. Fistulated Beyond Recognition
5. Multiversal Abattoir

Faceless Burial Lineup:

Alex - Bass, Vocals
Max - Drums
Fuj - Guitar

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