A Drug For All Seasons


What does F5 stand for? I just miss the times when there were most appropriate […]
By Michael Dalakos
July 26, 2005
F5 - A Drug For All Seasons album cover

What does F5 stand for? I just miss the times when there were most appropriate band names such as Killer, Die, Satan etc. Boy do I miss the simple days of our lives, hahaha. Anyway, F5 is the band of bassist Dave Ellefson, formed after his departure from Megadeth. The only guy I know from the rest of his team is vocalist Dale Steele from Sick Speed; the rest are completely unknown to me. Sorry!
Those of you who expect a Megadeth clone forget about it. F5 has nothing in common with Ellefson's previous band. Their music is modern Rock oriented, in the vein of Creed, Linkin Park, Staind... OK, don't throw up yet. All these influences are not bad unless you polish them a lot and lose all their Metal dirt. Thankfully F5 sound really heavy. Though the songs are really short (FM friendly?) they are really heavy, especially the guitars in all the tracks. Of course the vocals are very close to modern Rock, rather than Metal.
Thumbs up for the cool artwork and the very good production. Though this is not my cup of tea, I really enjoyed songs like the opener Faced or What I Am and Look You In The Eyes. A big minus is the short duration of the whole package which is just over 36 minutes!
I admire Eleffson's attempt to try and play something new and not just try to grab a piece of Megadeth's fame. On the other hand I don't know how many of you reading this magazine are in love with the aforementioned bands. I personally have no problem with them and I think of them as a positive step towards the return of heavy music in the front rows of the industry. But that's just what I think...

6 / 10

Had Potential

"A Drug For All Seasons" Track-listing:

Fall To Me
A Drug For All Seasons
What I Am
Dying On The Vine
Hold Me Down
X'd Out
Look You In The Eyes
Forte Sonata

F5 Lineup:

Dale Steele - Vocals
Steve Conley - Guitar
Dave Small - Drums
John Davis - Guitar
Dave Ellefson - Bass

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