Eyes Like 20

EYES LIKE 20 is a Heavy / Groove Rock Band out of Birmingham, Alabama, USA. […]
By Katarzyna Zakolska
February 3, 2014
Eyes Like 20 - Magicicada album cover

EYES LIKE 20 is a Heavy / Groove Rock Band out of Birmingham, Alabama, USA. "Magicicada", the new album was released in the last weeks of 2013.

Right down to business, I rapidly noticed the hold of "Birth to Earth" unveiling Alternative / Nu Metal riffs kind of like KORN and mystifying vocals that wouldn't shame Ozzy Osbourne. This is a kick ass tune with a memorable chorus, craving its signature with great leads and a portion of BLACK SABBATH feel. "It's Not Your Fault" conveys negativity, a Grunge Rock bastard similar to the path of NIRVANA, sharpening edges with great drums, robust guitaring and a melodic front voice. "Padded Room" assimilates the melodic grooves of FOO FIGHTERS with electronic ingredients of NINE INCH NAILS. "Itch" and the bluesy guitars in melodic "Fingertips" emerge with an Alternative vibe, which characterizes the band's doctrine. "Journey to the Virgin" turned out quite interesting, showing  African type drumming, plunged with Rocking riffs that might hint of AUDIOSLAVE with slips of RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE. "Drive" reminded me of MONSTER MAGNET's energy along with the fumes of STONE TEMPLE PILOTS. "Look" presents BLACK SABBATH's low end riffery, VAN HALEN snack Rock influences with the David Lee Roth vocal type then heading towards a progressive climate from BLIND MELON and PANTERA. The opener, "Sheep", creates a fine ambience of drugged stoned guitars and inspiring rhythm like ROB ZOMBIE's style. "No Stone" is yet another groove chugger, great riffs with a punch of Grunge similar to SOUNDGARDEN and DEFTONES in with a few TOOL elements.

The debut album of EYES LIKE 20 opened me to the band's Metal / Rock genres and how far these two progresses over the years. These guys have been trying to remain updated and evolved in their music. I believe that I will start tracking them from now on.

8 / 10


"Magicicada" Track-listing:

1. Sheep
2. Birth to Earth
3. It's Not Your Fault
4. No Stone
5. Fingertips
6. Journey to the Virgin
7. Look
8. Itch
9. Drive
10. Padded Room

Eyes Like 20 Lineup:

Jonathan Lucas - Vocals
Brent Martin - Guitar
Richey Boyd - Guitar
Justin Naramore - Bass
John Kennedy - Drums

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