Vomitous Manifestations


EXTINGUISHED are a Finnish Death-Metal band formed in the Summer of 2020 by members of […]
By Phil Tyler
May 9, 2022
Extinguished - Vomitous Manifestations album cover

EXTINGUISHED are a Finnish Death-Metal band formed in the Summer of 2020 by members of SADOKIST, OBSCURE BURIAL and SICKNESS. "Vomitous Manifestations" is their debut demo EP and is released or maybe unleashed through Caligari Records.

The question marks above are simply because I have no idea who the band members are other than their previous band names and I checked on the internet. I mean the record label doesn't even state who they are! Maybe the record was unleashed by the demon spawn of Hell, which would make sense based on the discordant noise that comes from this 4-track demo.

Two deadly blows open the record with a heavy low-bottomed riff tuned to H (Hell). Despite the low production, the drums pound and blast their way through the song and the bass rumbles on with a slow doomy riff. The vocals are of course completely unintelligible and sound vomitus in places but it IS Death Metal so that is forgiven.

The wonderfully titled "Vomitous Manifestations" opens with feedback and 'scratched along the strings' guitar. This is music to a horror film where innocent people are slowly dragged kicking and screaming across broken glass (probably). In places it shares a similar riff to the title track but hits later into a thrashier vein before settling into a doomier groove.

"Unforseen Consequences" starts with the screaming of some poor soul through a barrage of feedback and altogether creates a sound that is unpleasant and nasty which I think is the point.

"Devoted to Hades" ends the demo with a dirge doomy sludgy riff which gets propelled to a faster pace through an urgent lead guitar and dares to introduce some 'melody' towards the end of the track.

This is as underground as music can get and actually EXTINGUISHED have created a decent bite-size of death metal. The production values are fairly low with each song ending abruptly which is a little jarring, but I guess adds to the effect. Also too many tracks incorporate feedback which gets a bit tiresome. There's a fair bit of variety in the tracks though due to the dank oppressive atmosphere and I can certainly see that this band has potential within the Death-Metal genre.

6 / 10

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"Vomitous Manifestations" Track-listing:

1. Two deadly blows
2. Vomitous Manifestations
3. Unforseen Consequences
4. Devoted to Hades

Extinguished Lineup:


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