Extinction In Progress

It is a great thing when bands show they mean business from the word go. […]
By Lotty Whittingham
October 17, 2015
Extinction In Progress - Devoured album cover

It is a great thing when bands show they mean business from the word go. This was the initial impression that was bestowed across from the moment you pressed the play button for the latest EP "Devoured" by Progressive Extreme Metal outfit EXTINCTION IN PROGRESS and judging from their brilliantly brutal music this name could be a literal meaning in any case.

For those of you who don't know EXTINCTION IN PROGRESS hail from Vassa, Finland; the country most of the metal community know as the breeding ground some of the most promising music from the heavier end of the spectrum. Notable examples include ENSIFERUM, CHILDREN OF BODOM and of course NIGHTWISH, so could EXTINCTION IN PROGRESS be another to emerge from this country with an already sterling reputation? Answer in short, yes.

For a more detailed answer to the previous question; the moment you play the record you are submerged into the sheer beautiful yet chaotic sounds. You first slowly enticed by opening track "The Landing" which then suddenly transforms into the brutal beast that is "Invasion Of Phobias" that contains so many elements of Metal that most of love; the sombre guitar tones, the disgusting vocals and the rapid drums that provide the solid backbone to the commanding authority within sound.

This logic applies to all the songs showcased on this more than promising EP; you can hear elements of Black Metal on the track "Claws" plus so much more; when a band experiment with different sub genres of metal like a chef trying out a new recipe the outcome can be quite poor, not in the case with this band however who manage to produce something quite spectacular in terms of quality metal music.

Long story short this EP is absolutely spot on in terms of music and chaos that comes with it.


9 / 10

Almost Perfect

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"Devoured" Track-listing:

1. The Landing
2. Invasion Of Phobias
3. Scarlet & Blue
4. Claws
5. Traces

Extinction In Progress Lineup:

Juho Ahlgren - Vocals
Joni Kinnari - Guitars
Samuli Kaakinen - Guitars
Atte Kuvaja - Bass
Antti Nurmikoski - Drums

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