Inter-Dimensional Annihilation: Complete Transmissions 1995-1997

Exploding Corpse Action

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: EXPLODING CORPSE ACTION; signed via […]
June 20, 2023
Exploding Corpse Action - Inter-Dimensional Annihilation: Complete Transmissions 1995-1997 album cover

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: EXPLODING CORPSE ACTION; signed via Armageddon Label, hailing from the United States of America - performing Death Metal, on their compilation album entitled: "Inter-Dimensional Annihilation: Complete Transmissions 1995-1997" (released April 21st, 2023). Since formation in 1992 now split up; the trio in question have a demo entitled: "4-Track Demo" (released in 1995), a split entitled: "Exploding Corpse Action/Dead Baby" (released in 1995 also), and this here first compilation pile up of which I am introduced to entitled: "Inter-Dimensional Annihilation: Complete Transmissions 1995-1997" in their discography so far. 22 tracks ranging around 30 minutes; EXPLODING CORPSE ACTION arranges an intricately designed formula on some heavy-hitting Death Metal developments.

Opening up with this synthetic soundwave of static & otherworldly proportion, "Subsonic Torture" starts off the record with a blistering barrage frenzy in diabolical bludgeoning of rampantly rompy mayhem amongst a boisterously bouncy calamity in bulldozing adrenaline. Brimming a groovy density in fierce firepower expertise, concretely gritty instrumental chaos in "Lightspeed Impact Crater" forges a meltdown riffage of rumbling reverberation & primitively raw ramification on tight, punchline tempos of monolithic dexterity, distilling a gnarly dynamic in cavernous grumbles and razor-sharp bashfulness. Clobbering a distinctively distinguished bombardment in berserking execution, as "Robotic Surgery Malfunction" surges with sulphurous rips & shredding substance that's organically piledriving in every slabby sense.

Sinistar on vocals/bass grumbles with maddening throatiness that soars with raspy yells and barking intensity, hardened pig squeals also experiment with the razor-sharp thumps that flickers hastefully and the thudding smackage of slaps from hammering drummer Sardonicus who bruises eardrums with savage intention. "Heavyblood", "DNA Re-Alignment" & "Decompression: Anal Prolapse" smother speakers with ruthless pandemonium, slaying with sonically seamless and extreme aggression amongst thunderous noise terror that's within the same vein of NAPALM DEATH.

Think of ripping torment that revs through unbeknownst victims tearing through you with brutal assimilation; "Liquid Nitrogen Abuse (Subsonic Mix)", "Biological Atrocities" & "Target Earth" will all do that to you, piercing through each filthy track will go by very quickly... most sound the same but also very unique whilst vehemently versatile. Want to go insane for a bit? EXPLODING CORPSE ACTION will unleash that initiation for you no problem, "Astrogoth", "Decompression: Anal Prolapse" & "Astral Vortex" all fabricate a scouring momentum on pugnacious gnarliest, injecting an infectiously relentless stampede on rampaging yet volatile/steely precision that will make you want to break chairs over other chairs in no time.

"Entombed In Space", "Particalized" & "Satan's Curse (POSSESSED cover) pulverizes you with pummelling perseverance, persistently throttling you with maliciously thrashing vigour that's rigorously steamrolling whilst trailblazing with tremolo building crescendos and an all guns blazing, firing all cylinder revocation that's gruesomely bleeding all round. The next three ragers "Robotic Surgery Malfunction", "Human Vivisection" & "To Whom the Earth Is Bequeathed" unravel more oppressively malevolent requisitions in high-speed steel... injecting an infectious conjuration of some striking pursuits that manifests with monstrously meaty meltdowns, amongst an impactful impulse on malignant veracity that will rampage through you like the maniac that you are.

Overall concluding "Inter-Dimensional Annihilation: Complete Transmissions 1995-1997" with the finale banger: "They Conquered Space"; I am compelled to say that EXPLODING CORPSE ACTION does exactly what the tin says, implode heads into unexpected oblivion and grind away with thrashy wrath! Nothing more, nothing less... while not the most prodigious of projects, a blinding experience ensures an enjoyably entertaining discovery should those fancy a flexible fundamental in radically wicked yet relentlessly berserking desegregation for all ear holes in need of this justifiable subgenre performance that's remorselessly engaging. Certainly worthy of spinning a good bunch of times, it can come across as a bit linear but it's a very visceral record that definitely does just that... do check it out.

6 / 10

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"Inter-Dimensional Annihilation: Complete Transmissions 1995-1997" Track-listing:

1. Subsonic Torture
2. Light Speed Impact Crater
3. Robotic Surgery Malfunction
4. Mass Sterilization
5. Armageddon Descends
6. Liquid Nitrogen Abuse
7. Heavyblood
8. DNA Re-Alignment
9. Decompression: Anal Prolapse
10. Liquid Nitrogen Abuse (Subsonic Mix)
11. Biological Atrocities
12. Target Earth
13. Astrogoth
14. Decompression: Anal Prolapse
15. Astral Vortex
16. Entombed in Space
17. Particalized
18. Satan's Curse (Possessed cover)
19. Robotic Surgery Malfunction
20. Human Vivisection
21. To Whom the Earth Is Bequeathed
22. They Conquered Space

Exploding Corpse Action Lineup:

Sardonicus - Drums
Sadismo - Guitars/Vocals
Sinistar - Vocals/Bass

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