Let There Be Blood


To begin and write about an album like Bonded By Blood I consider it is […]
By Yiannis Doukas
December 5, 2008
Exodus - Let There Be Blood album cover

To begin and write about an album like Bonded By Blood I consider it is useless and aimlessly garrulity. So much has been written about it, so much has been said and it just been deemed by the Aristotle's common thought as one of the best Thrash Metal albums and probably one of the most important debut creating hordes of lunatic funs behind.
First released in 1985 the magic of Bonded By Blood is that even nowadays sounds so fresh and powerful that a first though that comes in your mind is how necessary was such a movement from EXODUS by taking the decision of re - recording it with the current line - up. We will try to view as much as indiscriminate it can be.
One basic element is the vocals done by Rob Dukes. Although personally didn't like them in the two previous full - lengths of the band I must punctuate that his performance is good and satisfying adequate following almost step by step the primary ones of Paul Baloff. That was a surprise for me. On the other Lee Altus is not a random guitarist. His playing is astonishing but it is not only that. That guy is the only one in this planet that can replace the Hunolt's position so physically like no other. Holt is like Holt, which means perfect and Hunting is Hunting, don't forget that he is the oldest EXODUS member. Jack Gibson does his bass job as it should be, being a basic chapter for EXODUS revival, hell he is more than a decade with the band. So everything is played very good, the originals are honored, you will gain a clear image of the band's present live version of these immortal songs and that it couldn't be different, we are talking about the same group, Gary Holt is here no jokes.
What I didn't like. First of all I cannot find a reason behind this release. I don't find anything special into just hear the band playing these tracks again. There was a thought of being more artists inside something like a tribute for Paul Baloff, at least in the beginning when this idea took place in Holt's head and that would be 100% better and could had a reason of existence. Next, I don't believe that production and sound like this fits with this unholy material. In my ears the original sound is millions times better and this plastic, soulless touch in Andy Sneap's mastering and mixing makes me sick. Maybe some of you consider this like a blasphemy, Hey dude, that guy is the top of producers right now, or call me a rotten brain that looks only in the past but one of the crucial parts of Bonded By Blood was this unholy aura that had. Last I believe that it would be better this album been given as a bonus with something other, or at least being sold in a special prize, I think paying it like a new release is not so good. Of course none force anyone into taking it.
Bonded By Blood seems like a curse for EXODUS. Anything that they had done after it compared with that. This reduces the value of albums like Pleasure Of The Flesh. Surely, these screams and ultimate power that Bonded By Blood excretes had been lost in further albums, mainly because Baloff's voice was pure evil and the whole mixture was psychotic. The bands catalogue surely has a lot of jewel waiting from you to be explored. And if you are complete unfamiliar with them, I highly recommend to start by hearing the original debut, besides there are more than three re - releases, surely you can find one.

"Let There Be Blood" Track-listing:

Bonded By Blood
And Then There Were None
A Lesson In Violence
Metal Command
No Love
Deliver Us To Evil
Strike Of The Beast

Exodus Lineup:

Gary Holt - Guitars
Tom Hunting - Drums
Jack Gibson - Bass
Rob Dukes - Vocals
Lee Altus - Guitars

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