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Coming Down

Exit To Eternity

Either people have been confused about the meaning of some words, or I just learn […]
By Yiannis Dafopoulos
November 3, 2007
Exit To Eternity - Coming Down album cover

Either people have been confused about the meaning of some words, or I just learn new things about my favorite Metal genre. I have been a Thrash Metal fan for many years and when I read a note in the promo CD that EXIT TO ETERNITY are thrashers I was really glad to be the one to review their album. The funny thing is that when I pressed the play button I came across a 1:20 intro with just a piano playing some melodic stuff!

Fortunately, the album has nothing to do with that. I believe that this intro is a not so good choice by the US thrashers. The Brooklyn based metallers have been formed in 1998, but have only released one demo CD in 2002 and the album they released now. One strange thing is that the band has already managed to have six ex members!

Anyway, except from the what the fuck intro, the album is a 100% Thrash Metal release drawing influences from the classic US Thrash scene and mostly from bands like FORBIDDEN, SACRED REICH and ANTHRAX, with some more melodic elements that make the album avoid the retro categorization. Even though it is a really good album, it is not the one that will thrash you down with its incredible riffs and shredding guitar work. The sound could also be a lot better than the one they managed to have in Coming Down.

There is nothing that will amaze you in Coming Down, but these US metallers will surely be a good companion for some time without boring you. Their debut album will probably become a good addition to your Thrash Metal collection and even though it is not an album that you won't stop listening to, it is not the one that will make you cry for the money you spent to buy it.

6 / 10

Had Potential

"Coming Down" Track-listing:

Coming Down
Mindless Pawns
No More
Justice Under God

Exit To Eternity Lineup:

Carmine Cafaro - Vocals, Bass
Alex Efros - Guitar
Robert Tighe - Guitar
Dmitriy Shnaydman - Drums

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