Prism Prison

Existential Animals

Without hesitation and in a demonstration that the Ohio-based instrumental Technical Death Metal trio EXISTENTIAL […]
By Matt "Wolverine" Johnson
April 6, 2015
Existential Animals - Prism Prison album cover

Without hesitation and in a demonstration that the Ohio-based instrumental Technical Death Metal trio EXISTENTIAL ANIMALS have been busy since their October 2014 release "Surrealith," they are back already in early 2015 with yet more riffy pleasantries with the two-sided single release of "Prism Prison". They really pick up right where they left off, writing some very technical music and translating it into audio channels for the masses to enjoy.

This band borrows a bit from the technical intricacies of ANIMALS AS LEADERS while mixing with the heaviness and unrelenting force of THE FACELESS. There is a peculiar enigmatic feel to these two tracks, particularly in "Apopheniac" because some type of atmospheric sound that was included during the production and also a general sense of impending calamity. It keeps me guessing as to the controlled chaos that follows second-to-second and I like that in music. It shows ingenuity and creativity. The fact that EXISTENTIAL ANIMALS continue to pump out killer grooves speaks to their inventiveness and vision to make an impressive collection of newly-recorded music in such a short span of time

However brief this sample of two songs really is (at six and a half minutes of total playing time) any listener with a keen ear can get a sense of just how talented and skilled the individuals in this outfit really are. In my opinion, the potential these guys possess should get them a lot more attention than they have gotten at this juncture in time, even without the element of lyrics or vocals.

There is no shortage of great Metal bands out there trying to make a name for themselves, and I am lead to believe that unless EXISTENTIAL ANIMALS do something to grab some attention, they will likely remain in the obscure shadows of bands that have the star power associated with their names. These guys are totally deserving as they are already well on their way to building an impressive discography, even if it is only in their musical prowess, since they still have only put out one studio album. That being said, the frequency of new music coming from these guys leaves me very hopeful for new music in the near future!

7 / 10


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"Prism Prison" Track-listing:

1. Prism Prison
2. Apopheniac

Existential Animals Lineup:

Mark M-R - Guitars, Composition, Programming
Alex Tasker - Drums
Charlie Kimball - Bass

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